The Security Awareness Champion’s Guide

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone – Take This!

No business can afford to take a wipe in today’s challenging cybersecurity threat landscape. Expensive, damaging cybersecurity pitfalls from ransomware to spear phishing lurk around every corner waiting to ensnare the unwary. That’s why we’ve created this guide enables you to powerlevel into a Cybersecurity Awareness Champion fast.

Get all of our best tips, tricks, and power moves to win your fight with cybercrime in one essential handbook that includes:

  • Walkthroughs of today’s most dangerous threats including winning strategies to beat them.
  • The latest facts about cybercrime including which threats have made the biggest impact in 2020 and why they’re hits.
  • Why increased cybersecurity awareness is your most effective weapon against cybercrime.
  • The rewards that phishing resistance and security awareness training hold for your business.
  • Tips, tricks, and triggers to help you spot and stop cybercrime disasters before they get started!

Don’t wait until you’ve got aggro from a boss like Ransomware to learn the strats to fight back against cybersecurity monsters – start your adventure today to make sure that you’re ready for anything.

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