Take These 3 Steps to Protect Your Data From Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams

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Take These 3 Steps to Avoid Getting Caught by a Phishing Attack 

Is that attachment important information or a phishing attempt? Don’t get hooked by cybercriminals – BullPhish ID provides the tools that teach staffers to avoid getting caught in phishing attacks.   

  • Never Stop Training – Stay a step ahead of the bad guys by making sure that all users are regularly trained to spot the latest phishing scams with easy-to-understand training videos. 
  • Test Everything – Using our extensive library of templates, test staffers to make sure that they’re on their game, with 6 new kits and 4 new courses are every month. 
  • Stay Under the Radar – With staggered testing campaigns sent at random times, employees can’t predict when test attacks are coming for a truer measure of user readiness.  

Cybercriminals are casting their nets wide every day to trap unsuspecting users and exploit openings to breach data. Using our cutting-edge training and testing tools helps staffers learn to avoid the bait. 

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