The Global Year in Breach 2021

2020 Was the Year Everything Changed (Including Cyberattack Risk)

The global pandemic brought unprecedented changes to cybersecurity. A rush to secure a suddenly remote workforce, enormous spikes in all categories of cybercrime and a booming dark web economy created a tumultuous risk landscape for cybersecurity professionals. The question is “How can we use those experiences to be future-ready?”.

By taking the lessons learned in 2020 and building on new knowledge, cybersecurity professionals can take a minefield of a year and turn it into a charge into a more successful future. In our annual report “The Global Year in Breach 2021”, you’ll learn:

  • 5 key trends that impacted cybersecurity in 2020 and what they tell us for the future.
  • How the dark web economy drove cybercrime and emerging dark web trends.
  • What cybersecurity professionals can do to stay ahead of the curve.

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