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ID Agent Is Experiencing Major Growth

March 27, 2018
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ID Agent started small — a handful of Partners, a few team members, and a solution we really believed in. Since then, a few things have changed. We have a larger team now, and a lot more Partners. But, we still provide credential monitoring solutions that are helping MSPs all over the world grow.

The first part of 2018 has come with a lot of excitement for ID Agent, and we know much of that excitement is thanks to our Partners. There are a few developments that we want to share in this article, and we hope to show our Partners and potential Partners how much of an impact our solutions can have on their businesses.

2018 XChange Solution Provider Awards

ID Agent was the recipient of two awards at the 2018 XChange Solution Provider conference hosted by The Channel Company in March. These two awards — the XChange Newcomer award and the XCellence in Boardroom Execution award — are a great honor for our team. And, they show that we’re on a promising path with our solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to better serve our Partners and their customers. And, these awards are the icing on the cake. We are so appreciative to be recognized among a number of impressive and established solutions providers, and we’re looking forward to attending the conference again next year.

550 Partner Milestone

Remember that handful of Partners we once had? Over the past year, that number has grown — and keeps growing. In the first quarter of this year, ID Agent surpassed a pretty exciting goal. We signed our 550th partner!

We are so proud that a growing number of companies value protecting their small and medium-sized customers’ credentials as much as we do. We’ve used Dark Web ID™ to keep their customers’ data off the Dark Web, and we are so appreciative that each one has trusted our solution. We’re dedicated to helping our Partners grow their businesses and Dark Web ID is a crucial part of that process.

Dark Web ID: The Path Ahead

With 2018 off to such a great start, we’re excited to see what’s next. Another exciting partner development is that ID Agent has now extended our focus beyond North America, with the goal of providing Dark Web ID to MSPs worldwide. As we continue to grow, we look forward to supporting our partner MSPs in their own efforts to increase their customer base and reach new markets.

We view each MSP we work with as our partner, not just a client who signs on the dotted line. We’re invested in our Partners’ businesses, and we strive to do all we can to help them succeed. We provide Dark Web ID exclusively through the channel and believe MSPs are uniquely positioned to provide security expertise alongside our solutions. You know how to use Dark Web ID in a way that makes your credential monitoring efforts more effective and efficient. Your customers will benefit from your expert service and the strong solution that enables precise and proactive monitoring.

At ID Agent, we strive to be an extension of our Partners’ businesses, helping you with marketing resources and valuable tools essential for bringing in new customers and growing your business. We are thankful for the 550+ Partners who have demonstrated their trust in our solutions, and we’re excited to partner with more companies in the future to keep credentials off the Dark Web.

Want to learn more about Dark Web ID and the benefits it provides our Partners? Connect with ID Agent now.