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7 Reasons Why Cybersecurity and Phishing Awareness Training Is a Must-Have for Businesses

April 11, 2024

In an era dominated by digital advancements and interconnected ecosystems, the threat of cyberattacks continues to grow, affecting businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) 2023 Data Breach Report, the past year brought about a somber realization that cybercriminals have grown more relentless than ever, with data breaches rising by an alarming 78%. In a volatile cybersecurity atmosphere the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks, particularly phishing attempts, looms large – and that’s a major reason why businesses must prioritize cybersecurity and phishing awareness training.

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Businesses have dealt with a seemingly never-ending stream of evolving cybersecurity challenges in the last few years. There is no clear leader in the list of cybersecurity issues that businesses have experienced. In fact, the top three challenges are nearly tied. Phishing tops the list of security issues that respondents have encountered (41%), followed closely by viruses (39%) and endpoint threats (39%). More than half of our respondents have also had to contend with a dangerous cyberattack like ransomware or business email compromise (BEC) at some point (58%).

Which of the following cybersecurity issues have impacted your business?

Issue  Response
Phishing messages41%
Computer viruses39%
Endpoint threats detected39%
Personal information or credential theft34%
Business email compromise (BEC)31%
Supply chain attack18%
None 4%

Source: Kaseya Security Survey Report 2023

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It’s been a tumultuous year for cybersecurity. In terms of challenges faced by our survey respondents in the past 12 months, it is notable that there is little space between the top three causes of cybersecurity trouble. Businesses have encountered a variety of challenges, with no singular problem ahead of the rest. Over the course of 2023, over one-third of our survey respondents have had to contend with phishing messages (37%), endpoint threats (33%) and computer viruses.

Which of the following cybersecurity issues have impacted your business in the past 12 months?

Issue  Response
Phishing messages 37%
Endpoint threats detected33%
Computer viruses33%
Personal information or credential theft29%
Business email compromise (BEC)26%
Supply chain attack16%
None 7%

Source: Kaseya Security Survey Report 2023

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Companies and security teams constantly grapple with an array of challenges that can be hard to pin down. When asked about the top three reasons behind their cybersecurity issues, lack of cybersecurity training was the main culprit. More than half of respondents (53%) reported that the lack of end-user or administrator training was a major reason behind their cybersecurity issues. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Cybersecurity awareness training is a highly effective security move that any business can make without a big upfront investment. Plus, automation makes it easy for a lean IT team or solo IT professional to administrate training

What are the top three root causes of your cybersecurity issues?

Lack of end-user cybersecurity training28%
Lack of cyber defense solutions (antivirus)28%
Insufficient security support for different types of user devices26%
Lack of administrator cybersecurity training25%
Lack of executive buy-in for adopting security solutions22%
Lack of funding for IT security solutions21%
Lost or stolen employee credentials17%
Poor user practices/gullibility15%
Open Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)access13%
Outdated security patches13%
Shadow IT 11%
Weak passwords or access management10%
We have not experienced a cybersecurity incident7%

Source: Kaseya Security Survey Report 2023


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These are seven of the most crucial reasons why investing in cybersecurity awareness and phishing resistance training is not just advisable but essential for the modern business landscape.

1. Employees are a company’s first line of defense

While technological solutions are vital, the human element remains a significant factor in cybersecurity. Employees, often unknowingly, can be the gateway for cyberthreats. Cybersecurity and phishing awareness training transform employees into a proactive human firewall, arming them with the knowledge to identify and thwart potential threats.

2. Phishing is a pervasive threat that is only getting worse

Phishing attacks continue to be one of the most prevalent and effective methods employed by cybercriminals. Now bad actors are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make their messages even harder for employees to detect. With tactics becoming increasingly sophisticated, businesses can no longer afford to underestimate the impact of phishing. Comprehensive training empowers employees to discern phishing attempts, recognize red flags and take preemptive measures to mitigate risks.

3. Data protection and compliance

As custodians of sensitive data, businesses must comply with stringent data protection regulations. Cybersecurity training not only educates employees on the importance of data security but also ensures adherence to compliance standards. This, in turn, shields businesses from legal repercussions and financial penalties associated with data breaches.

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4. Financial safeguarding

Cybersecurity incidents can wreak havoc on a business’s financial health. From direct financial losses due to fraudulent activities to the indirect costs of reputational damage and customer trust erosion, the financial impact of a cyberattack can be severe. By investing in training, businesses minimize the risk of falling victim to cybercrimes, improving the ability to safeguard their financial well-being.

5. Preserving reputation and customer trust

A cyber incident can tarnish a business’s reputation in an instant. Customers, partners and stakeholders place immense trust in organizations to protect their data. Cybersecurity and phishing awareness training demonstrate a commitment to maintaining that trust, reinforcing the organization’s credibility and reliability in the eyes of its stakeholders.

6. Adaptability to evolving threats

Cyberthreats are dynamic, evolving and adapting to countermeasures. Regular and up-to-date training ensures that employees stay ahead of emerging threats, equipping them with the skills needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity risks. Security awareness training improves phishing awareness by an estimated 40%.  

7. Cyber resilience culture

Inculcating a culture of cyber resilience within the organization is paramount. Training fosters a collective understanding of the importance of cybersecurity, creating a shared responsibility among employees to actively contribute to the organization’s overall cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity and phishing awareness training are not just recommended practices but essential components of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Businesses that prioritize training invest in their own resilience, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of cyberthreats, ultimately securing their assets, reputation and the trust of their stakeholders.


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