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Dark Web ID’s New API and Integration Benefits

March 06, 2018

When you’re working hard to identify and address your customers’ security compromises, you probably wish there was a way to do so faster, easier, and more accurately. With ID Agent’s new API (application programming interface) for its Dark Web ID™ solution, this wish becomes a reality.

Explore this article for MSPs on how Dark Web ID’s new API integrates seamlessly with your current processes, and learn about the benefits of this integration.

Two Types of Integration: Email and API

ID Agent recognized the need to make dark web credential monitoring easier for MSPs and enable them to address compromises quickly. Currently, MSPs receive a simple summary email outlining potential compromises, but these notifications require a manual data entry process to translate them into IT tickets.

To help streamline operational efficiencies for its Partners, ID Agent is introducing a new API and integration methods for the Dark Web ID solution used to keep their customers’ data safe and better leverage dark web credential monitoring within the security stack. With this update, there are two types of integrations that MSPs can choose from: partial integration and full integration. Let’s look at the differences between these two options.

Email-based Integration

With email-based integration, you still receive security notification summary emails, but now you also have the option to receive an email notification for each compromise discovered by Dark Web ID. These emails have granular information about each potential security compromise.

You can easily configure this notification to be sent to your current ticketing engine, most of which have the capability to create a ticket from an email. Because this is an email integration with your ticketing system, your current processes will face little disruption. But, due to the per-compromise granular notification, you can now address any security breach or hack faster than ever before, preventing future exposure and showing your customers the necessity of your services.

Full API Integration

While email integration carries the advantage of easy configuration, a direct integration between your ticketing system and Dark Web ID solution avoids any issues that may occur with email delivery and processing.  Using Dark Web ID’s compromise API, you’ll also have easier access to the metadata of compromises rather than parsing text from an email notification.

With this API update, you can now automate the creation of an organization within Dark Web ID, including email addresses, domain names, and IP addresses. You can also remove entities from organizations, and be instantly alerted when a security compromise occurs. This automated onboarding makes the process faster and easier for your MSP and your customer organizations.

It makes the sales process easier, too. If a prospect in your marketing campaign comes to your site, you can track when forms on your site are completed. Once a form is submitted, you can use the Dark Web ID API to count compromises and determine an overall compromise profile, valuable information that can then be used in your sales approach.

When Dark Web ID is fully integrated with your ticketing and prospecting solutions, your operations are streamlined and more profitable.

The Benefits of Integration

If you choose either of these integration options, you’re on track to improve the way your MSP operates. Explore some of the major benefits that come with Dark Web ID integration, and learn how these benefits impact your business.

  • Easier ticketing. For many MSPs, one of the biggest problems they face is staying on top of IT tickets. Whether you’re creating them yourself or using a ticketing agent, keeping the information about each potential security compromise organized can take time and resources you may not have available. With the simplification or total automation of your ticket creation process, you can easily stay on top of your IT tickets and resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • Effective prospecting. While we discussed prospecting earlier, it’s important to note how this benefit can impact your business. With a more effective prospecting process, you are actively working to increase monthly recurring revenue. You can streamline your sales process, cut down on some of the tedious aspects of lead nurturing, and focus your attention on closing more deals.
  • Better service for your customers. Ultimately, you want to provide outstanding service to your customers. That’s the best way to maintain a steady income and protect your brand. When your dark web credential monitoring processes are streamlined due to automation, you’re able to identify and address compromises faster, and your customers are the ones who benefit. You can stop security threats in their tracks.
  • More time back in your schedule. You have more important tasks to manage than skimming through a daily notification, trying to understand what compromise is impacting which company, and translating that into a ticket. When processes are automated and your operations are running efficiently, you have more time to devote to other responsibilities, like business development or world domination.
  • Faster onboarding. When you close a deal, you want to start helping your customer as quickly as possible. And they want you to start protecting their business to the best of your ability. With automated onboarding, you can eliminate tasks like manually putting email addresses, domain names, and IP addresses into Dark Web ID. All of that work is done for you thanks to integration.
  • Accurate ticket resolution. In the past, the cause of a security compromise may not have been readily available. Now, with the new granular compromise notifications, you’re able to swiftly and accurately resolve tickets. Because there are different causes for different compromises, it’s helpful to understand the why behind a compromise. So, if you’re facing a brute force attack or a compromise due to phishing, you will know what course of action to take immediately.

You can reap each of these benefits with the new updates from Dark Web ID, and its various integration options. Give your customer better service and streamline your dark web credential monitoring processes with this solution. They (and your bottom line) will thank you.

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