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Don’t Let Cybercriminals Take Your Lunch Money: Take Ransomware 101

September 19, 2020

Learn How Ransomware Can Damage Your Business (and Your Wallet) to Learn How to Defend Against It. 

Ransomware is everywhere today. From multinational corporations to small firms, no company is too big or too small for bad actors looking to make a buck. The rise of nation-state hackers has made ransomware threats even more dangerous and damaging. What should you be worried about when it comes to ransomware? 

It’s the schoolyard bully of cybercrime – you know it’s out there, and you know it’s dangerous, but you’re hoping that you can dodge it. These resources will help you defend your systems and data from bad actors efficiently and effectively to make you the class cybersecurity hero.

NEW EBOOK! Ransomware 101 

Know your enemy. In this eBook, you’ll earn the ins and outs of ransomware threats and how it can harm your business, including: 

  • A simple, clear guide to how ransomware works, the ransomware lifecycle, and how ransomware infects your systems
  • Hard data about ransomware attacks and how the threat landscape has changed in 2020 
  • Solutions that can protect you from ransomware that are cost-effective too
  • A look at the future of ransomware and ransomware defense
  • An analysis of how the 2020 phishing boom has empowered ransomware
  • and so much more!

Ransomware 101 eBook

Don’t wait to school yourself in all things ransomware!


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