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Don’t Make These 5 Password FAILS! (But Do Notch These 2 Password Wins)

May 02, 2020
the words"world password day" are superimposed over a black and white photo image of a keyboard

World Password Day is a timely reminder that password security is a fundamental component of any successful cybersecurity strategy. Every week we report on notable breaches and intrusions, and inevitably stolen, cracked or badly created passwords are to blame – 80% of data breaches in 2019 were caused by password compromise.

Bad passwords are bad news and it pays to pay attention to what makes a password good or bad. What we’ve uncovered in our analysis of common password mistakes should be of particular interest to people named George, Disney fans, and sports fans (we’re looking at you University of Alabama Crimson Tide fans). 

In honor of World Password Day, here’s a look at five big mistakes that users can make when choosing a password, plus two ways to stop bad passwords from putting your data and systems at risk.  


Showing your team spirit   

Wear your team pride on your sleeve but keep it out of your password.  Using a popular sports team or slogan in your password is about as smart as tagging your mascot in on defense. 

1. rolltide 

2. yankees 

3. steelers 

4. eagles 

5. redsox 

Even using sports in general 

Sports fans can quickly find themselves on the receiving end of a penalty like a data breach with these insecure passwords – and America’s favorite pastime is a favorite here too.  

1. baseball 

2. football 

3. soccer 

4. hockey 

5. tennis 

Turning to superheroes or animated characters 

You’ll be more frustrated than Rabbit after Tigger bounces through his carrot patch if using a character’s name as your password leads to your data becoming compromised. 

1. tigger 

2. snoopy 

3. mickey 

4. superman 

5. batman 

Shouting out songs and bands  

Yes, it’s smart to use multiple characters, letters, and numbers in your password, but you’re only scoring a hit for cybercriminals with these 5 chart-topping bad passwords. 

1. blink182 

2. rush2112 

3. beatles 

4. blondie 

5. 8675309 (bet you said “nii-eee-iiine” when you read that) 

Playing the name game 

By George, don’t use common first names when creating passwords. It’s far too easy for cybercriminals to leverage social media or baby name trends to maximize on monikers. 

1. george 

2. michael 

3. hunter 

4. charlotte 

5. matthew  


While education and complexity can help combat the scourge of bad passwords, they’re almost inevitably still going to be a problem. A recent Dark Web dump revealed that 40+ staffers at the World Health Organization were using “password” as their password! 

Mitigate the risk of a password-related data breach or other cybersecurity disasters by adding two simple yet effective tools to your arsenal that can notch major wins for both your defensive strategy and your IT budget.  

Use Multifactor Authentication 

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is the single easiest way to defang a bad password. Passly is our new remote-ready secure identity and access management solution that combines MFA with other tools including single sign-on and secure password storage vaults to deliver powerful protection at an excellent value.

Watch the Dark Web 

It’s easier to protect companies against intrusion from stolen or cracked passwords if you know that the bad guys already have them. Password dumps containing thousands of passwords drop on the Dark Web every day. Be forewarned and forearmed with Dark Web ID to be informed immediately if yours are hitting the market (or already there) to prevent a system break-in that can break the bank.

Celebrate World Password Day by reviewing your password and login protection strategy to see if it’s time for an update, especially as remote work adds major new cybersecurity risks. 

Contact us for expert analysis and recommendations on how you can boost your login security and protect your bottom line.

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