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Kaseya 365 Poised to Transform IT and Cybersecurity Profitability for MSPs

May 24, 2024

The unveiling of Kaseya 365 at Kaseya Connect Global 2024 earlier this month marked a milestone in the IT and cybersecurity industry. This revolutionary subscription, developed over a decade, is set to transform the way MSPs manage clients. Kaseya 365 is designed to streamline operations and significantly boost profit margins for MSPs, addressing the complex challenges they face in today’s digital landscape.

Kaseya 365 is designed around four essential pillars that enable MSPs to easily and affordably provide the services their clients need. No more sifting through vendor websites looking for information or fiddling with fussy integrations. Kaseya 365 puts everything an MSP needs at their fingertips in one simple subscription.

  • Management: In the fast-paced world of IT, MSPs need management solutions that simplify rather than complicate. Kaseya 365 integrates management capabilities into a single, user-friendly interface. This allows complete control over devices and networks, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple disparate tools, as well as reducing the technician hours devoted to management.
  • Security: Security is a paramount concern for MSPs and businesses, but they don’t always agree on how to achieve it. MSPs often have to overcome objections from decision makers who don’t understand the risk or consequences of a breach. Often, MSPs must balance cost against the level of security they can provide. Not anymore. Kaseya 365 offers robust, integrated security features that allow MSPs to deliver top-tier security solutions that are both affordable and profitable.
  • Backup: With cyberthreats more rampant than ever, having a reliable backup solution is crucial. Most businesses simply cannot afford to have their data lost forever, either in a cyberattack or other adverse circumstance. Reliable backups are key to getting a business back on its feet fast. Kaseya 365 provides an efficient way to ensure data is securely backed up, protecting against both cyberthreats and natural disasters without imposing additional costs.
  • Automation: MSPs are struggling to hire and retain the right talent, and that talent is coming at a high cost.  Kaseya 365 addresses the pressing IT skills gap and resource limitations that MSPs face with the introduction of 20 essential automations. These automations streamline routine tasks and reduce errors, improving overall service delivery. MSPs can also integrate additional modules from IT Complete to expand and customize their capabilities further.

Kaseya 365 is here to make the IT professional’s life easier not harder. There are no hoops for current Kaseya customers to jump through to get started with the additional capabilities.

Kaseya 365 Express: This tier covers all fundamental aspects of endpoint management, including remote monitoring, advanced software management, antivirus, ransomware detection and endpoint backup.

Kaseya 365 Pro: This tier includes everything in the Express tier plus advanced managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities.

Kaseya 365 simplifies MSP operations by consolidating services into one comprehensive package, enhancing efficiency through the integration universe. This integration allows for further automation and streamlined workflows, reducing overhead and enabling technicians to focus on strategic goals. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that Kaseya 365 is priced right, giving MSPs the opportunity to quickly increase their revenue exponentially.

The platform is also cost-effective, providing an unmatched competitive edge over fragmented solutions that MSPs can leverage to their advantage. Kaseya 365’s affordable pricing offers MSPs the flexibility to add enticements for customers and prospects like offering free trials or services. This addition to an MSP’s offering puts MSPs in the perfect position to boost customer loyalty and speed up acquisition while allowing for easy customization to meet unique customer needs, thus significantly increasing profit margins.

Kaseya 365 represents a groundbreaking shift in the IT services management landscape, promising not only to redefine how MSPs operate but also to optimize costs and expand business opportunities. This platform ensures high customer satisfaction and sets a new standard in managed IT services, heralding a new era of efficiency and security in the industry.

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