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Google Fights Back in Phishing Explosion & So Should You

April 24, 2020

The shock of the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down, but the bad guys aren’t – they’re ramping up their efforts to trick people into giving them passwords, login credentials, and other sensitive information through phishing expeditions. 

The BBC reports that Google is blocking 18 million bogus COVID-19 emails a day from reaching its 1.5 billion users. But even the best defense a tech giant can bring will allow some dangerous email to slip through the cracks. Phishing is up 667% and COVID-19 is on track to become the biggest phishing topic in history.   

Numbers don’t lie. It has never been more important to make sure that every user on your network is up to date on the latest threats and ready to fight back against phishing attacks. Here’s how our tools can help your remote workforce be ready: 

Bullphish ID is perfect for training a remote workforce against phishing. We’ve added COVID-19 scam specific phishing kits to our award-winning solution that can get users up to speed on today’s threats quickly using easy-to-understand videos and phishing exercises modeled after the most recent attack templates – all perfectly suited for remote, self-guided user training. 

Passly adds a crucial layer of security between your data and human error. Even the savviest staffers can sometimes be fooled by a clever phishing attack or link redirect.  With Passly you’ll get fast, affordable secure identity and access management that’s designed for a remote workforce. Multifactor authentication with Passly ensures that even if cybercriminals get company passwords, they can’t use them to infiltrate systems and steal data.

Dark Web ID lets you know if you have a problem before it becomes a catastrophe.  Bad actors buy and trade for millions of login credentials and every day on the Dark Web, not to mention reams of detailed company and personal information that they use to make their phishing attacks more effective. Our human and automated blended platform constantly monitors the Dark Web for your company’s data and login credentials to pop up, so you can head off potential cyberattacks at the pass.   

We’ve also created this set of free tools to help you secure your remote workforce quickly and easily because we know that in this stressful and uncertain time, nobody has time to do a lot of research. That’s why we put our expertise in threat analysis to work for you by gathering the information that you need in one place to help you make sure that your cybersecurity is remote-ready.