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Join Us (and Krampus) for the Naughtiest & Nicest Event of the Holiday Season!

November 17, 2020
three historic images of Germanic winter legend Krampus a dark-colored satyr type figure with large surving horns, sharp teeth, and a scary devil tongue.

Krampus is Ready to Put Naughty Cybercriminals in His Sack and Give Treats to Nice MSPs! 

Hackers better watch out 
They better not try 
They’d better get out 
I’m telling you why 
Krampus is coming to town 

He’s making a list, 
He’s checking it twice, 
He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice 
Krampus is coming to town 

You’re Cordially Invited to Turn 2020’s Coal into 2021 GOLD! 

Dear MSPs,

We know 2020’s been an adventure for everyone – and not necessarily the fun kind. So we’ve decided that you need something good to look forward to: ‘Twas the Night Before Krampus. Join us on December 15, 2020, from 3 pm ET – 5:30 pm ET for an awesome holiday event full of treats just for you!

Let’s wrap up 2020 in style and get ready for greater success in 2021 with a walk on the wild side of the holiday season. We’re throwing an extravaganza that combines naughty and nice to create the perfect blend of winter fun, hosted by the legendary Horned Holiday Horror, Krampus!  


Meet a Legendary Cybercrime Master!

Hear fascinating tales of cybercrime from someone who used to be at the top of the naughty list: former U.S. Most Wanted cybercrime genius Brett Johnson, referred to by the United States Secret Service as “The Original Internet Godfather”

The ex-leader of ShadowCrew, Brett uses his early expertise in cybercrime to share his wisdom about how to stop it. Listen to the master who was responsible for developing many areas of online fraud and countless social engineering attacks, breaches, and hacking operations tell you his tales of The Ghosts of Cybercrimes past to teach you how to secure your clients and your business against the Ghost of Cybercrime Future. 

Learn more about him in this recent interview.


A Blizzard of Awesome Prizes!

  • An iPhone 12 (265 GB)
  • a Samsung 55” 7 series UHD TV Smart LED with HDR
  • a Hover-1 Gambit Electric Folding Scooter
  • an Oculus Quest 2: Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset
  • a Nintendo Switch Mini, an Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Aluminum
  • a Yoda Lego Set
  • a Beats by Dre Solo Wireless 
  • an opportunity for you and up to 3 friends to Zoom with a celebrity (more details to come) 
  • and a $1,000 cash prize!!!* 

Fireside Tales of MSP Success

Grab a bit of Krampuslauf and settle in to hear Kaseya’s Matt Solomon and Dan Tomaszewski share Our Top 2020 Sales & Marketing Success Stories and strategies taken directly from the MSPs themselves.

Want to hear how an enterprising MSP signed 23 Dark Web deals in a single virtual event? Or how a smart MSP got 7 meetings from a single virtual event? How about the time when a quick-thinking MSP turned a break-fix customer of 10 years into a 3-year MRR contract worth $252k with a single phishing simulation? Hear these tales and more to collect tips, tricks and inspiration for your own future sales adventures.  

Fill Up On Holiday Cheer with Product and Feature Updates!

Stuff your stocking and give the gift of even stronger security to your clients with our wonderful updated features and fantastic upgrades that are sure to bring you success and add a special glow to your MRR all year long!

ID Agent’s Product and Development team is here to give you the good news of our innovative success with a fresh look at our best and brightest features including a recap of our 2020 updates and a sneak peek into the new updates and upgrades that we have coming in 2021! 

JUST ADDED: Enjoy Special Surprises from Delightful Sponsors!

Expect some added hijinks and extra goodies from these great sponsors that are teaming up with us to join in the fun: ITO Compass, IT/MSP Entrepreneurs, and CharTec!

We look forward to spending a wonderful evening with you chock full of awesome stories, amazing prizes, and lots of much-needed holiday cheer. Reserve your seat by the fire today for what’s sure to be the hottest virtual event of the holiday season! REGISTER NOW>>

See you there!


Your Friends at ID Agent

*Prizes and contests including type, brand style, cash value, and award structure may vary without warning. No purchase necessary to win, prizes may be limited or changed at the hosts’ discretion due to location, feasibility, and availability. Other restrictions and rules may apply and changes to the event or prize lineup may be made without warning.