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Learn the Real Story of a Cybersecurity Villain in Ransomware EXPOSED!

June 10, 2021

Discover the REAL Facts About Ransomware That Cybercriminals DON’T Want You to See!

Ransomware is the villain of the story in most of today’s biggest, nastiest and most devastating cyberattacks. Those dreadful incidents that make every news site and keep IT professionals up at night. But we’ve uncovered the truth about ransomware and we’re ready to share it with you in the sequel to our smash-hit eBook Ransomware 101, so grab your popcorn and settle in for the show!

malicious insider threats can include cryptocurrency risk represented by a crime comic style blue eye looking through a peephole.

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Ransomware is Smashing Cybercrime Records

Are you ready to go behind the scenes to learn the truth about this cybercrime favorite? For this special report, we’ve gathered the latest data about ransomware threats and how they can devastate your business. Get the real story from this new analysis of freshly gathered data that will help you understand why ransomware has risen to the top of the cybercrime ladder to become the star of today’s threat landscape. 

You’ll discover: 

  • How a ransomware gang does its dirty business on the dark web and how cybercriminals profit 
  • New statistics showing the growth of ransomware and which industries are most at risk 
  • Fresh threat intelligence detailing new types of ransomware attacks 
  • Actionable strategies for protecting systems and data from ransomware disasters  

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10 Ransomware Statistics That You Need to See 

10 More Ransomware Facts That You Need to See 

What Happens if You Pay the Ransom? 

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