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Passly Delivers Big Company Security at a Small Company Price

April 28, 2020
A n image of a white lock inside a white border shaped like a hexagon is superimposed over a photo of a keyboard and a pair of glasses

One major cause of cybersecurity disasters is unauthorized systems access using weak, stolen or cracked passwords. Thousands of hacked passwords are for sale on the Dark Web. Plus, workers logging in remotely give cybercriminals new opportunities to capture passwords and penetrate systems through insecure Wi-Fi networks and sloppy password handling habits. 

Improving login security is the fastest, easiest way for SMBs to dramatically improve their defense against cyberattacks, and today’s remote workforce makes that added security even more crucial.  

So how can a SMB afford big company cybersecurity protection on a small company budget? By choosing comprehensive tools that give you more for your money, like Passly our new secure identity and access management solution. Passly packs multiple tools to secure your remote workforce into one complete package, including: 

  • Multifactor Authentication – Take away the power of a stolen password with multifactor authentication. A crucial second layer of security is added to the login process with a code to log in, delivered to users through an app, text or another method of your choice. 
  • Single Sign-on – Streamline access with a custom Launchpad for each user that connects to every application they’ll need to access. Passly connects with thousands of tools like Salesforce, Office 365, Zen Desk, ADP, and more plus integration with specialty apps is a snap.  
  • Infrastructure Protection – Passly authenticates employees before they access the network, eliminating the need to manage firewalls, networking device, and VPN concentrator passwords.  
  • Streamlined Management – Remotely manage access with the ability to revoke login rights with just a few clicks. A central secure password storage vault keeps administrator logins for essential software and hardware safe and accessible by the right people. 
  • Fast & Easy Deployment– Get top-quality protection that installs in days, not weeks. Passly is simple and intuitive for both techs and users, plus it integrates seamlessly with our cybersecurity suite and the tools that your users need every day. 
  • Scalability & Affordability – Of course we kept the best for last! Passly scales for any company and helps maintain data privacy compliance in diverse industries including healthcare. It’s also an excellent value because instead of investing in several tools to add components like multifactor authentication and password storage security, Passly does it all in one. 

Don’t wait until your company becomes one of the 58% of SMBs that experiences a data breach – or one of the 60% that is potentially pushed into insolvency because of it.  Get fast, easy, strong protection for your data and systems today at a great price with Passly.