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Security-Focused Highlights from DattoCon 2022

September 15, 2022

See What’s Next in Security & Why This Event is Unmissable

DattoCon 2022 ran from September 11 – 13, 2022 and it was an exciting few days! More than 2700 attendees from 29 countries came together for an event that was packed with news about fresh innovations, with a special focus on the security space, that are on the way to help MSPs and businesses hold the line against cybercrime in an increasingly dangerous world. Attendees got an in-depth look at just how Kaseya and Datto are coming together to create the largest MSP-focused software company on the planet. Here are a few notes about what’s happening in the security space.    

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Security Keynote Takeaways

In the security keynote, Kaseya CISO Jason Manar held a fireside chat with Bryan Vorndran, Asst Director FBI Cyber Division. Bryan commented on the July 2020 Kaseya Security incident, praising Kaseya’s response and telling attendees: “Kaseya leaned in and engaged authorities immediately; all tools, all hands on deck. The leadership took on the problem and fought against the cyber attackers without giving them an inch or fear of the press. Timely reporting greatly assisted in identifying and apprehending the attackers. Without the quick cooperation of Kaseya that wouldn’t have been possible.” 

Both experts provided great insights on the threat landscape from the FBI’s perspective, the importance of incidence response, the value of proactive threat monitoring and the importance of transparent information exchange to combat cybercrime. They went on to disclose that the three most pivotal moves that businesses could make to reduce their risk are regular patch management, creating and protecting strong, secure passwords in a zero-trust environment and training employees to recognize and resist phishing. 

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Product Innovation Ahead

BullPhish ID Innovation Preview 

Advanced User Synchronization with IT Glue & Passly 

  • Improve customer onboarding and management by importing SMB organization data from IT Glue into BullPhish ID. 
  • Improve customer onboarding and management by importing end users and groups from Passly into BullPhish ID. Utilize Passly integration with Azure or Physical Active Directory. 

Dark Web ID Innovation Preview 

Active User Compromise Filtering 

  • Don’t want to receive compromises for deactivated users or employees who no longer work at your client companies? We hear you! We are implementing the ability to filter compromises by active user. 
  • Simply choose CSV or AD filtering option, set up the filter and you will no longer receive compromises for employees or emails outside of that list! 
  • Eliminates “background noise” and prevents you from receiving old, unwanted alerts! 

Graphus Innovation Preview

Simplified Organization Management with IT Glue 

Simplify and speed up customer onboarding and management by importing SMB organization data from IT Glue into Graphus 

DattoCon 2022 was a high-energy event full of insightful speakers, great networking opportunities and (most importantly) fun. Right now, you can register for DattoCon 2023 at the lowest ticket price that will be available for this event. DattoCon 2023 tickets are available for $249 each through December 9, 2022. Don’t wait – REGISTER NOW>> 

dark web threats

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