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Solutions for 3 Urgent CISO Priorities

April 23, 2020
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Everything about how companies do business has changed in an instant, ushering in a new world for information security. Those changes mean that cybersecurity plans created pre-COVID-19 might not fit the bill anymore and CISOs have to adjust accordingly – and fast. What urgent priorities must CISOs address in this new world, and how can CISOs quickly pivot to find the right solutions?  

New Priority: Remote Workforce Access. Remote security has rocketed to the top of the list. Securing devices and systems while making sure that everyone still has access to everything that they need to get things done is the task that needed to be done yesterday.  

Solution: Deploy a secure identity and access management solution like Passly that rolls out in days not weeks and seamlessly integrates with 1,000+ applications for a quick win while providing essential multifactor authentication and state-of-the-art remote management tools.   

New Priority: Finding Solutions Fast. Many companies are already behind the 8-ball in adapting to fully remote operations for an extended time, leaving CISOs scrambling to scout security solutions that are remote-ready, affordable, quick to implement, reliable, and effective.  

Solution: Get expert guidance from a trusted partner. Nobody has time to sift through specs and details right now. That’s why we’ve put together these resources to help CISOs quickly secure a remote workforce

New Priority: Rapid and Relevant Security Training for Everyone. Cyberattacks have doubled since January 2020. Phishing attacks alone were up 667% in March and remote workers are more likely to fall for them, leaving CISOs with no time to waste in getting every user up to date.  

Solution: Choose a phishing training and testing solution that provides multiple ways for users to train remotely including easy-to-understand videos and phishing exercises modeled after the most recent attack templates. BullPhish ID is ready to go with COVID-19 scam specific phishing kits to get users up to speed on today’s threats fast. 

CISOs should look for trustworthy insight and reliable solutions from the right partner to effectively and efficiently address their organization’s needs. ID Agent is ready to help, with an array of award-winning security solutions that can quickly spot vulnerabilities, fix problems, and give companies an edge against tomorrow’s threats.