BullPhish ID for Enterprise

BullPhish ID Enterprise


BullPhish ID™ provides you the full picture of your company’s security posture and potential risk, so the employees who were the weakest link in your defense can become its strongest point of protection.

Security awareness training and anti-phishing training will educate and empower your employees to avoid threats at work and home.

The importance of providing regular, evolving security & phishing awareness training cannot be overstated. The goal of the awareness training is to educate employees on potential security threats and encourage behavior change. Preparing your staff for the inevitable attack, whether they are working in your offi ce, on the road, or from home will provide peace of mind, shore up security, and fulfi ll and document compliance. BullPhish ID provides user-friendly, regular training in bite-size pieces, so your employees are more likely to retain what they learn.

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Employees often use the same password for multiple services on the web, such as CRM, e-commerce sites, and social media. Proactive monitoring for stolen and compromised employee data on the dark web allows us to detect when a problem arises, before a major breach occurs.

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Send scheduled phishing campaigns, including customized messages to fit each group or department, at random times during a specifi ed period. With an ever-changing threat, it’s
important that your employees are exposed to all the latest phishing traps set by criminals. We regularly update the platform to provide the most up-to-date phishing scams, so your employees are ready when the real threat arrives.

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It’s not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often, it is the nonmalicious, uninformed employee. Our easy-to-understand, short and visually engaging training videos end with an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of the training content.

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Your regular Security Threat Report will demonstrate the overall cybersecurity posture of your organization, to include dark web credential compromises combined with employee phishing and training campaign results.

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Build, import, and edit emails and landing pages tied to the specifi c groups targeted for phishing simulation or security awareness training. Pre-loaded templates can be customized with the WYSIWYG editor, or text or HTML can be uploaded and managed in the editor.

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Send campaigns to specifi c targeted groups based on user personas and the most likely threat content they will experience. Schedule campaigns over an extended period, staggering sends to various individuals or groups.


Simple View of Monitored Credentials
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  • Simple Set Up & Campaign Deployment
  • Group and User Management
  • Short, Engaging Video Training
  • Timely and Relevant Phishing Kits
  • Staggered & Scheduled Campaigns
  • Library of Templates
  • 8 Languages Available

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