As a part of Kaseya’s IT Complete vision, BullPhish ID is integrated with several solutions in Kaseya’s Security and Compliance product suites, streamlining workflows and saving time for our customers while providing them with comprehensive protection against cyberthreats.

See how BullPhish ID can protect your end users and your organization from cyber risks.

Customers who subscribe to both BullPhish ID and Dark Web ID can save time when creating new SMB organizations. When a new organization is created in Dark Web ID, it is automatically duplicated in BullPhish ID. This enables MSPs to provision new customers in BullPhish ID faster by entering their information only once.

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The BullPhish ID-Graphus integration eliminates the need for domain whitelisting and ensures 100% campaign deliverability to end users. Conducting phishing simulation exercises and security awareness training campaigns becomes quick and easy by removing the need to whitelist sending domains or IP addresses. Instead, the Graphus API gives BullPhish ID the ability to place phishing and training emails directly into end-user inboxes rather than sending them through the internet. Customers must have subscriptions to both BullPhish ID and Graphus to enable this integration.

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The BullPhish ID-Compliance Manager GRC integration brings 60+ BullPhish ID security awareness training video courses, plus a testing quiz for each, right into the Compliance Manager GRC self serve end-user portal. Customers who have subscriptions for both BullPhish ID and Compliance Manager GRC have the option to deliver end-user training directly from inside the Compliance Manager GRC portal, gaining bulletproof visibility into which employees are in compliance with their training requirements and identifying who needs to be called out to meet their requirements.

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Leveraging the IT Glue API, this integration facilitates customer onboarding onto BullPhish ID by importing SMB organization names from IT Glue, reducing the need for manual data entry by MSPs. The SMB organizations remain linked, so any time an MSP makes changes to an org name in IT Glue, the changes will automatically sync to BullPhish ID.

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Leveraging Passly’s Active Directory sync capabilities, BullPhish ID customers can quickly onboard organizations onto BullPhish ID and create campaigns with always up-to-date lists of targets.

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