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010 Cloud

010 is a well-established and successful Israeli IT services provider. Founded in 2010, 010 began as a small Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering cloud backup. In 2013, as the idea of MSPs became more prominent in Israel, 010 expanded to teach Value-Added Resellers (VARs) to become MSPs. 010 evolved again in 2017, shifting its business model from selling to end customers to selling to MSPs and adding systems solutions and security solutions. Today, 010 maintains three areas of focus: backup and recovery, cybersecurity solutions, and IT management including Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) solutions. Cybersecurity and RMM solutions are growth areas, and 010 features ID Agent cybersecurity solutions on its menu. 010 was the first Israeli partner to offer ID Agent’s solutions.

  • Company: 010
  • Industry: IT Services Provider
  • Location: Israel
  • Established: 2010
  • Interviewed: Pesach Goldman, CEO

“We work with about 12 other vendors in … different areas … and we've worked with more in the past. And I can tell you that there's nothing, nothing, nothing that's even close to what Powered Services gives. And that is very, very appreciated.”

Pesach Goldman CEO, 010

The Challenge

After expanding into cybersecurity, 010 needed a powerful prospecting tool that clearly demonstrated risks to prospects and enabled it to start the conversation about cybersecurity solutions from a strong position.

Goals of 010-ID Agent Business Relationship

  • To grow cybersecurity solutions revenue
  • To offer reliable, affordable solutions to clients
  • To differentiate 010 from competition through innovation, quality and value

The Solution

By choosing Dark Web ID, 010 gained access to an effective, unique prospecting tool that clearly illustrates risk through Dark Web Compromise Reports, quickly giving clients and prospects a view of their dark web exposure and opening the door for conversations about solutions for mitigation, like multi-factor authentication or security awareness training.

Through the utilization of Dark Web Compromise Reports, 010 has been able to quickly and effectively demonstrate a prospect’s dark web exposure, giving it a clear opening for beginning a conversation about the need for improved security and making it easier to close business.

010 has found a receptive audience for Dark Web ID and BullPhish ID, ID Agent’s phishing simulation and security training solution, and their partnership with ID Agent has enabled them to thrive. The company has continued to grow by offering solutions that fit MSPs’ needs and budget, serving more than 100 MSPs and MSSPs based primarily in Israel and Canada, with thousands of end users.

Other Benefits from Partnering with ID Agent & Kaseya

Through Powered Services Pro, ID Agent’s partner enablement program, 010 has been able to obtain the source files for Dark Web ID and BullPhish ID marketing and sales materials which made it easy to have them translated into Hebrew, allowing 010 to offer helpful marketing content to their Israeli clients. In addition, having access to a dedicated Channel Success Manager who provided personalized consultations and training, was very beneficial to 010’s business.

After trying out BullPhish ID, 010 found that it was superior to the security awareness training solution that they were previously selling and allowed them to create a better customer experience.

In addition to BullPhish ID and Dark Web ID from ID Agent, 010 grew its security and RMM portfolio by adopting other Kaseya products and is now able to profit by offering complementary solutions, such as VSA, Kaseya’s RMM offering, and Graphus, an AI-based email security solution.

“Now, with the ability to edit and create our own content in BullPhish ID, we don't need to correspond with ID Agent -- we can just do it ourselves. So, the doing it myself part is a very big part of what we like about the new enhancements.”

Pesach Goldman CEO, 010

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“Whenever we meet with a prospective customer, we use ID Agent in order to know what types of things were exposed and then go into the meeting with know-how and ‘yeah, this is your problem’, etc.”

Pesach Goldman CEO, 010
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