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Thiry Technology Services (Thiry Tech) provides IT and security management services to businesses in Hampton Roads, Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic United States. It was started in 2003 as a small break-fix shop after the founder, Doug Thiry, left the Marines. Doug’s military experience has given Thiry Tech unique insight into the needs of defense contractors. For the past 10 years, they’ve provided IT support and services to businesses as a managed services provider (MSP).

Today, Thiry Tech has four full-time employees servicing 110 clients. While the MSP’s core client base is defense contractors, they also support lawyers, accountants and other professional services firms.

  • Company: Thiry Technology Services
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Established: 2003
  • Interviewed: Doug Thiry, Founder & CEO

“I would say the adoption rate of security awareness training in the past 12 months is faster than it's been in the past 12 years. In the past, it was very difficult to convince anybody that they needed cyber awareness training or dark web monitoring. The biggest driver today is the cyber insurance questionnaires that everybody's receiving. They're asking me for it now, and with the Kaseya stack, I can immediately say, "We offer it, we can do it, and this is how we do it." It's been a great advantage for me as I have these conversations with my clients.”

Doug Thiry, Founder of Thiry Tech

The Challenge

Thiry Tech is committed to helping clients run their operations effectively, protect their data and meet stringent compliance standards like CMMC. As the MSP primarily serves military-affiliated clients in a region prone to hurricanes, they’ve never had trouble explaining the need for disaster recovery or security solutions. The challenge, instead, has been to implement the right solutions to ensure compliance and comprehensive systems and data protection while enabling their clients to efficiently run and scale their businesses.

Doug doesn’t view himself or his team as security experts. Instead, Thiry Tech is a business partner their clients can count on to ensure uptime and prevent data loss and security threats.

To maintain strong protection for clients, Thiry Tech adopts the strategy of planning backward. They identify event scenarios caused by human errors, malicious actors or natural disasters and plan backward to determine the best ways to prepare for them.

In this process, security has always been at the forefront of their considerations, and as the need for various tools like antivirus solutions and tools to manage patches, endpoints and networks has grown, they chose to partner with Kaseya.

Goals of the ThiryTech and Kaseya Business Relationship

  • Ensure comprehensive security and data protection for clients
  • Streamline operations and scale efficiently
  • Meet the ever-changing demands and needs of clients

The Solution

Thiry Tech manages all of their clients using Kaseya’s IT Complete, an all-in-one platform that enables managed service providers to streamline workflows, automate tasks and deliver exceptional service to clients. Doug and his team firmly believe that IT Complete helps them do their job effectively and the platform has been paramount to their success.

Thiry Tech leverages IT Complete to proactively identify needs and recommend solutions like Graphus and VulScan (vulnerability scanning) to enhance client protection, cementing their position as a trusted advisor.

The MSP also leverages IT Complete to meet ever-changing client needs. For example, in the past 12 months, client attitudes toward security awareness training have changed because training is now a requirement for cyber insurance and compliance standards. Today, clients proactively ask for it.

Thiry Tech recently implemented Datto EDR as part of their security stack because it allows them to manage their clients’ antivirus and endpoint security more efficiently. They also rely heavily on Datto Networking to apply network layer security to routers, for Wi-Fi security and to configure client infrastructures to ensure maximum protection. Thiry Tech is capitalizing on this market opportunity by leveraging the Kaseya stack. When their clients need a security awareness training solution, for example, Thiry Tech is ready with BullPhish ID.

The MSP runs phishing simulation campaigns every quarter and cybersecurity training at least annually for their clients using BullPhish ID. For highly regulated clients, like DoD contractors. Thiry Tech implements these programs more often.

Thiry Tech has also taken steps to help their clients bolster their first line of defense against email-borne cyber threats. Graphus enables clients to identify phishing emails and mitigate risks.

Other Benefits of Partnering with Kaseya

Thiry Tech’s approach toward security and data protection is that of taking control. By reverse engineering event scenarios and identifying needs early, they mitigate risks for clients with systems and solutions they know work.
Workflow integrations between the Kaseya solutions, like Datto RMM and Datto EDR or BullPhish ID and Graphus, make it possible for Thiry Tech to manage 110 clients and 1,500 endpoints with only four full-time employees.

For example, Thiry Tech uses the “Drop-a-Phish” integration between Graphus and BullPhish ID to easily run phishing simulation campaigns, which has helped bolster their clients phishing awareness.

Thiry Tech also integrates Datto RMM, Datto EDR and Microsoft Defender to increase visibility for client endpoint activity, receive alerts faster and manage their whole ecosystem of endpoint security from a single pane of glass.

Having experienced the benefits of choosing easily integrated solutions, Thiry Tech makes a conscious effort to finetune their integrations and deploy new ones as they are released to streamline operations, maximize efficiency and enhance client protection.

“We’re finding that the benefits of Graphus are huge. Graphus prompts our clients to judge whether an email is phishing or not. Previously, they would just forward it to the help desk, and we would see it sometime later. By then, they would have already opened the email twice. Graphus turns the responsibility onto the client first. It helps them identify potential threats, and then we back that decision up. It's a great partnership.”

Doug Thiry, Founder of Thiry Tech

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Looking Forward

Doug expects the capabilities of Datto EDR to shine through even more once they implement Kaseya Managed SOC powered by RocketCyber. Thiry Tech has already laid the groundwork by deploying Datto EDR for all clients, putting their clients in a position to take complete advantage of the combined powers of these highly capable solutions.

Doug recommends Kaseya products to new MSPs because the solutions complement each other and address client requirements. The solutions integrate well with each other, streamline operations and strengthen client protection.

“Bundling Microsoft Defender with Datto EDR has given us complete visibility into client endpoint activity. We get alerts and can manage the whole ecosystem of our endpoint security from one pane of glass. Datto EDR reduces the number of clicks we need to take by eliminating the need to go to a third-party security portal. It detects and responds to threats and backs up data. It’s a comprehensive solution and we try to make the most of it.”

Doug Thiry, Founder of Thiry Tech
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