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Computer Concepts USA has offered a broad range of computer training and computer repair services to clients in the greater Chicago area since 1999, serving companies in the pharmaceutical, banking, financial, government, non-profit and transportation sectors as well as independent business professionals and residential clients.

  • Company: Computer Concepts USA
  • Industry: Hybrid Managed Services
  • Location: Lake Bluff, IL
  • Established: 1999
  • Interviewed: Lori Tisinai, Owner

“I love the fact that Dark Web ID provides me with the ability to educate my clients. People are not aware of the dark web. Even though we see it in the news all the time, they are not aware of what it is or that their information can be out there.”

Lori Tisinai, Owner

The Challenge

Computer Concepts USA was experiencing challenges in educating clients about cyber risk and demonstrating the need for strong security, especially around dark web credential exposure and password safety. The company also needed solutions that could be scaled and tailored to meet the unique needs of its wide array of small, home-based and micro business clients.

Goals of the Computer Concepts USA & ID Agent Business Relationship

  • Obtain tools to educate clients about cyber risk
  • Demonstrate a need for security services
  • Secure clients’ computer systems

The Solution

With the live dark web search feature of Dark Web ID, Computer Concepts USA invested in a powerful tool to demonstrate the dangers of dark web data and credential exposure to clients and prospects. That capacity to make risk tangible for clients and prospects has translated into signed service agreements. Computer Concepts also uses the data gleaned in dark web searches and phishing simulations with BullPhish ID to show clients their actual risks and how to mitigate them.

Other Benefits from Partnering with ID Agent & Kaseya

Using BullPhish ID, Computer Concepts USA can better educate non-technical users at client companies about cybersecurity concepts that directly impact their company’s security — like password handling — and demonstrate the effectiveness of training with informative reports. By offering clients phishing simulations through BullPhish ID, the company is also able to help clients find and close security gaps with additional employee education.

Prospects have discovered that their businesses aren’t as secure as they thought after seeing real-time risk reporting in action through Dark Web ID. This leads to profitable conversations about the need for security improvements and safeguards such as employee training and credential protection.

Adding services like dark web monitoring and security awareness training has increased Computer Concepts USA’s revenue by enabling them to offer new services that can be seamlessly rolled into bundles and presented as add-on features, making purchasing new services more appealing to clients and prospects.

“ID Agent allows me to offer three more line items. I can give you dark web monitoring, I can give training and I can give you phishing tests. And for me, those three things are a great add-on piece that clients like.”

Lori Tisinai, Owner

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Looking Forward

Built on a model that is focused on adding value through user training and giving businesses a performance and security edge, Computer Concepts USA will continue educating clients about risk and helping them find efficient ways to mitigate it. The company is also increasingly working with clients to ensure compliance with industry and insurance standards as well as developing policies that keep them safe. Computer Concepts USA will continue to increase its presence by providing much-needed technology services to small, micro and home-based business as well as residential customers.

“I closed another deal yesterday because of Dark Web ID. I did a dark web search on the company and a lot of their users all had the same exposed credentials. They're just a sitting duck until something happens and somebody hacks in. Basically, the keys to their kingdom are out there on the dark web.”

Lori Tisinai, Owner
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