Affiliated Resource Group Case Study

Affiliated Resource Group is an Ohio-based MSP that has been serving midsize and closely held organizations in the industrial, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, professional services and healthcare sectors for more than 20 years. The firm helps clients align their technology assets and resources with their business plans to achieve their goals.

  • Company: Affiliated Resource Group
  • Industry: Managed Service Provider
  • Location: Dublin, Ohio
  • Established: 1993
  • Interviewed: Michael Moran, President

“We were able to get a couple of new customers because we could provide dark web risk information early on. Every one of our clients today has ID Agent as a part of their agreement program.”

Michael Moran President, Affiliated Resource Group

The Challenge

Affiliated Resource Group was facing a blocker that impacted their sales and client relationships—how to make customers and prospects aware of their actual risk from security issues like compromised credentials and dark web exposure. They also needed a way to demonstrate that risk clearly to executives who didn’t have a cybersecurity background, in order to begin conversations about implementing mitigations like security awareness training, password management and other solutions to reduce their risk.

Goals of the Affiliated Resource Group/ID Agent Business Relationship

  • Accurately demonstrate real-time risk
  • Reinforce security recommendations
  • Demonstrate a need for security services

The Solution

The dark web search feature of Dark Web ID enables Affiliated Resource Group to show customers and prospects their actual real-time risk. This reinforces the message that companies are carrying more risk than they think and need a strong defensive posture to manage it. The fast, simple reports that Dark Web ID creates makes it easy to show clients and prospects why different security solutions and processes were needed.

Other Benefits from Partnering with ID Agent & Kaseya

Affiliated Resource Group has benefitted from using Dark Web ID to demonstrate client risk. Not only did the company close more deals, but they also found the dark web search tool created opportunities to sell the company’s other services along with additional security solutions.

The results that a client gets from a compromised credentials search often demonstrate a need for the establishment or enhancement of their security awareness training program. The company has enjoyed success using their user awareness training program to fulfill that need.

Clients have discovered that bringing in Affiliated Resource Group to conduct training with their solution is easier and more effective than running security awareness training programs in-house. Beyond just anti-phishing and security training, clients can also benefit from educational opportunities with compliance training in subjects like HIPAA and NIST.

The alerts and reporting provided by Dark Web ID are valuable tools that Affiliated Resource Group uses to keep clients safe. The solution has been easy to integrate into their business and at least one ID Agent solution is automatically structured into every client’s security stack.

“They're solid products, and they're good for what they do. They help us provide a proper and more complete service to our clients.”

Michael Moran President, Affiliated Resource Group

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Looking Forward

With more than two decades of service under its belt, Affiliated Resource Group isn’t resting on its laurels. The company continues to grow and expand services, especially around critically needed and profitable security awareness and compliance training. Affiliated Resource Group is looking at new solutions and services that complement the current menu of offerings to strengthen both business and client security.

“We've had a good relationship with ID Agent. I think that it's done a good job for us. There are a lot of solutions that offer dark web monitoring today. We have been very comfortable with the relationship and the reporting, the notification is there, and it's been an easy thing to integrate into our business.”

Michael Moran President, Affiliated Resource Group
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