Canisius High School Case Study

Canisius High School is a Catholic, private college-preparatory school founded in 1870 for boys in grades 9 through 12, in Buffalo, New York. The school offers a challenging academic program and numerous extracurricular clubs and sports. Founded in 1870, the school also has historical ties to Canisius College.

  • Company: Canisius High School
  • Industry: Secondary Education
  • Location: Buffalo, New York
  • Established: 1870
  • Interviewed: John Masci, System Administrator

“In the first quarter, before training, we had 77 people click a bad link, and 30 people submit personal information. After training, by the third quarter, 11 people clicked a bad link and nobody submitted personal information.”

John Masci, System Administrator, Canisius High School

The Challenge

Canisius High School’s tech team needed to increase security awareness and create a strong security culture to reduce the school’s cyberattack risk. The solution needed to be suitable for training employees in multiple roles at a variety of technology experience levels with a big library of lessons available. It was also essential that the solution be simple for the small IT team to manage, preferably with automation features to minimize the amount of work their busy IT administrator would need to do to conduct effective training.

Goals of Canisius High School – ID Agent Relationship:

  • Train employees in proper security habits
  • Increase employee phishing resistance to reduce cyberattack risk
  • Build a strong security culture that provides a strong defensive foundation

The Solution

BullPhish ID offered the tools that were needed to improve the faculty and staff’s security practices through education. The solution easily integrated with Azure, making it a snap to use with Azure Active Directory. Simple campaign setup meant that training could start right away. Plus, the deep library of plug-and-play phishing simulations ensured users could be sent phishing simulations that matched up with software and services used regularly, increasing believability.

Other Benefits

Automated features make it easy for organizations like a high school with a small IT team and limited budget to run the same high-quality security and compliance training programs and phishing simulations that a major university would use.

Automated deployment and quick campaign setup enabled the IT team to set-it-and-forget-it. With no need for constant tinkering or manual adjustments to training deployment, administrating a training program becomes an occasional task rather than a constant headache.

Training can be staggered to make sure employees don’t warn each other and training assignments can be easily left open over time, alleviating some of the administrative burdens from IT personnel by eliminating the need to constantly track and reassign training to employees who still need to take courses.

A wide variety of content options makes it easy for trainers to tailor security and compliance education to fit the needs of different training groups like teachers, school administrators and the school’s business office or maintenance personnel. The training administrator can choose beginner courses or specialized lessons, creating the right learning path for every user.

“It's very little work. I feel like it's doing it automatically as I sleep. One of the things I love most about BullPhish ID is I don't have to babysit the product.”

John Masci, System Administrator, Canisius High School

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After the demo, I said “Wow, this is really cool, really easy. I can do this. This is my solution.”

John Masci, System Administrator, Canisius High School
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