Cascade Technologies Case Study

Cascade Technologies is a managed security services provider in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Established in 2017 and getting its start in IT support for the restaurant industry, Cascade now specializes in cybersecurity and serves clients in the United States and Brazil. The company also maintains data centers in Myrtle Beach and Charlotte, NC, enabling it to provide top-notch disaster recovery services for clients located in hurricane-prone areas.

  • Company: Cascade Technologies
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Established: 2007
  • Interviewed: Cramer Snuggs, Founder

“When we go in for a new customer, if they're kind of on edge, we run a dark web scan to truly get some data back that we can utilize to close that deal.”

Cramer Snuggs Founder, Cascade Technologies

The Challenge

As Cascade Technologies began their transition from MSP to MSSP, they determined that they needed an innovative, affordable dark web scanning and monitoring solution to add to their security stack.

Goals of ID Agent-Cascade Technologies business Relationship

  • To successfully transition from MSP to MSSP
  • To find a high-quality dark web scan and monitoring solution
  • To grow their security business by offering dark web monitoring and security awareness training services

The Solution

A recommendation from another industry professional turned Cascade Technologies on to ID Agent and Dark Web ID. After looking at their options, Cascade Technologies determined that the features and performance of Dark Web ID fit their needs (and their clients’ needs) perfectly.

Customers and prospects have been impressed by the results of Dark Web ID’s dark web search feature. When they see their company’s exposure to cybercrime risk spelled out so clearly, businesses quickly determine that they need monitoring to provide them with protection from dark web risk.

The results of a dark web search are also an effective way to demonstrate the need for expanded security awareness training for that company’s employees with BullPhish ID.

Other Benefits from Partnering with ID Agent & Kaseya

Dark Web ID’s powerful dark web live search tool enables Cascade’s sales team to walk into a pitch knowing that they have a sure-fire way of demonstrating their prospect’s actual risk. Compromised credentials reports can also be shared with current clients to reinforce the value of Dark Web ID in security reviews. In fact, Dark Web ID is such an essential for strong security that it is an automatic inclusion in every client’s stack.

That clarity in explaining cybercrime risk opens the door for new security conversations about the benefits of security awareness training with BullPhish ID. With customers facing cybercrime threats like phishing and ransomware, security awareness training is a necessity, and has thus become a standard component of Cascade’s security bundles. Cascade also uses BullPhish ID as a sales tool. They set up a phishing simulation campaign at a prospect’s organization and show them how their employees interacted with a phishing email.

“We were making a transition to becoming an MSSP. In that process, we were looking for a solution for dark web monitoring and scans, and [a colleague] recommended ID Agent. We tried it out, and it was a no-brainer for us.”

Cramer Snuggs Founder, Cascade Technologies

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Looking Forward

Cascade Technologies will continue to build their security business as they complete their transition to the MSSP business model, which they began shifting towards during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is also using BullPhish ID’s security awareness training capabilities more frequently as their customers deal with today’s unprecedented surge in phishing. That effort will continue to expand, with more simulated phishing campaigns running for customers. Cascade can also use the branded compromise report printouts that Dark Web ID delivers for each customer, to review that customer’s risk with them at any time.

“Every time we run a scan, every customer that we've done it for has come back with some kind of a hit. When we're trying to close a deal and we have a user's password, we walk up to their workstation and if it turns out they're using the same password to log into their workstation that they were using on the compromised account, then it's a really, really easy sale.”

Cramer Snuggs Founder, Cascade Technologies
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