CloudTech24 Case Study

Based in Surrey, United Kingdom, CloudTech24 started protecting clients from cybercrime in 2016 with a growing staff of more than 20 employees, award-winning customer service and an evolving menu of managed IT services for companies of any size.

  • Company: CloudTech24
  • Industry: Managed Service Provider
  • Location: Woking, Surrey, UK
  • Interviewed: Andrew Dale, Technical Director

“The main attraction to ID Agent was the ability to quickly validate compromised credentials or information sets that existed on the internet. It was a really easy decision for us to make because what ID Agent was offering was far superior to what other vendors were offering us with similar solutions.”

Andrew Dale Technical Director, CloudTech24

The Challenge

CloudTech24 did not have viable tools to validate compromised credentials or discover other client vulnerabilities from dark web sources. This limited their ability to see what dangers their clients might face, reducing their opportunity to demonstrate to clients the need to take action to reduce that risk with dark web monitoring and security awareness training.

Goals of CloudTech24 – ID Agent business relationship

  • To increase risk visibility for clients
  • To grow security sales and MRR
  • To start conversations that lead to sales opportunities

The Solution

CloudTech24 can now find, validate and eliminate dark web risks for their clients efficiently and effectively with Dark Web ID. This also enables CloudTech24 to point out security gaps and security awareness training needs that can be solved with BullPhish ID. When talking to clients or prospects about their dark web risks, CloudTech24 is able to accurately show them these risks in real time and suggest mitigations, thereby expanding their sales opportunities.

By choosing Dark Web ID, CloudTech24 can confidently demonstrate a client or prospect’s risk using dark web search — an incredibly powerful sales tool. With 24/7/365 dark web monitoring for credential compromise, CloudTech24 can monitor the exposure of everything from passwords to passports, making their customers’ credentials safer.

Using BullPhish ID, CloudTech24 can help clients improve their overall defense by delivering customizable phishing resistance and security awareness training that goes way beyond just teaching employees about phishing, to include password handling, compliance, cyberattacks like ransomware and whatever else their client’s business might encounter.

Other Benefits from Partnering with ID Agent & Kaseya

Dark Web ID provided a platform that could enable the validation of client credential information quickly while remaining easy for clients and techs to manage and run. Dark Web ID also provides high-quality automated reporting that can be easily set up to send to clients in their preferred cadence, showing indications of compromise.

CloudTech24 noted that one of the biggest impacts that using Dark Web ID had on their business was increasing visibility for their techs and their clients. The information gleaned from dark web searches and dark web reports using Dark Web ID opens the door for new business opportunities, like security awareness training programs, to make the client’s staff more knowledgeable about potential cybercrime risks and smart cybersecurity behavior.

A smooth, pleasant onboarding process, with knowledgeable assistance every step of the way — right from sales to customer success — made it a snap for CloudTech24 to get up and running with ID Agent solutions. Product feature demonstrations, training and assistance with while labelling meant that CloudTech24’s sales team could confidently go to market and start making sales right away.

“Dark Web ID is a really easy method of validating potential indications of comprise that exist externally for our clients. When we have some kind of internal indication of compromise, we can then review what is on the open or dark web for our clients.”

Andrew Dale Technical Director, CloudTech24

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Looking Forward

CloudTech24 sees bright days ahead, with plenty of growth happening even in these challenging times. New sales opportunities keep coming all year round. Dark Web ID’s dark web search is a powerful prospecting tool that CloudTech24 can leverage to drive home the seriousness and danger of unexpected risk exposure to prospects, ultimately opening new security conversations and closing more deals.

“Few clients that we have spoken to have any idea that there is so much information out there. But then, also being able to show them the information, like the first four characters of their password after the search — that surprise, is quite a powerful tool.”

Andrew Dale Technical Director, CloudTech24
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