Case Study

Hilltop Consultants

Hilltop Consultants is a legal-focused MSP based in Washington, DC with offices in Atlanta and Philadelphia. The firm helps people deploy business strategies and effectively manage IT services through enterprise-level IT support, practices, and solutions for the small and medium-sized business sector at small-business prices.

“By adding the service it gave us a very good defensive posture, added some revenue, and really helped secure the client” Jim Turner, Hilltop Consultants

Why ID Agent?

“So, my advice to an MSP that’s thinking about using dark web scanning through ID Agent is that it’s kind of a no-brainer. You need to add this service and put it in place with all your clients. The cost is minimal. …It is worthwhile if you can prevent even one embarrassing data breach. What if a hacker gets access to one of your clients’ email account and starts sending out emails (apparently from a trusted source) and ripping off their customers? You’re going to look bad if you are not implementing managed security services.”
– Jim Turner, CEO Hilltop Consultants

Hilltop Consultants first stumbled upon the revolutionary solution ID Agent when a long-term client was warned about the email credentials of its partner being compromised on the dark web by another MSP.
Hilltop Consultants Team

Solutions for Hilltop Consultants

  • Dark Web ID Live Search
  • Dark Web ID Monitoring
  • BullPhish ID Security Awareness Training
  • BullPhish ID Anti-Phishing


Minimal Investment, Complete Peace of Mind

“Adding the service gave us a very good defensive posture, improved revenue, and really helped secure the client so that we know about any of those potential breaches. With a minimal investment, you enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you will be duly notified of any risk of a breach. So, it made me look like a hero.”