IT-Tech Case Study

IT-Tech was founded a decade ago and today serves more than 200 SMBs in the Salt Lake City area and across the country. The nine-person MSP aims to bring enterprise-grade technology to SMBs and serves customers in a variety of industries, including defense, healthcare, hospitality and business services. IT- Tech helps clients maintain a strong security posture and remain compliant with industry regulations around security and training.

  • Company: IT-Tech
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Established: 2013
  • Interviewed: Samual Carman, Technical Account Manager

“With Drop-a-Phish, I don't have to worry about whitelisting. It's all automated. As long as you have Graphus and BullPhish ID, everything's going to get delivered.”

Samual Carman, Technical Account Manager

The Challenge

Technicians at IT-Tech were spending too much time on domain whitelisting to prevent the training and phishing simulation messages from being removed or flagged as suspicious by the clients’ email security. To prevent this, technicians had to laboriously monitor and update IP ranges to ensure delivery. However, that didn’t always work, requiring even more technician time and attention.

The MSP was also dissatisfied with the Proofpoint email security solution they were using to protect customers from phishing and other email-borne attacks. They didn’t like the fact that they had to log in to a separate portal to get email, and that there was no good way for them to filter bad emails out. This resulted in fussy fine-tuning that ate up time. The Proofpoint solution also missed too many phishing messages, allowing dangerous emails to pass into employee inboxes unnoticed — a recipe for potential disaster.

The Solution

BullPhish ID, a security awareness training and phishing simulation solution, and Graphus, an AI-based email security and anti-phishing defense solution, helped solve these issues.

Choosing Graphus for email security eliminated many time-wasting tasks for technicians and pain points for clients. Now, end users can get their email easily using common email applications. Graphus also caught phishing messages that had escaped the previous email security solution that IT-Tech offered from Proofpoint, including a dangerous business email compromise (BEC) threat.

Further, the automation features in BullPhish ID helps technicians save time. One such new feature gives techs the ability to deploy a campaign to multiple clients at the same time without any extra work, shaving off even more hours.

“Switching our training solution to BullPhish ID cut about 12 hours a month of work out of my schedule. I run a week of campaigns for all our clients and set them up by the month. With BullPhish ID, I can set them up for everybody at once. With Proofpoint, it was one per customer, and that took me three hours per customer.”

Samual Carman, Technical Account Manager

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“Drop-a-Phish saves me about eight hours a week. I can do a lot more billable hours of work.”

Samual Carman, Technical Account Manager
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