Case Study

LAN Infotech

LAN Infotech is a managed service provider that has been in business for 10 years in the Fort Lauderdale area. The company’s target market is small and medium businesses with users ranging from two to 150. LAN Infotech provides cloud services and is majorly focused on the legal industry, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

“Over the past two years in working with Dark Web ID™ our MRR just on cyber products increased over 25%!” Michael Goldstein, LAN Infotech

Why ID Agent?

“Working with Dark Web ID over the past two years, our Monthly Recurring Revenue just on cyber products increased over 25%. Dark Web ID gave us the ability to bring that fear tactic to our customers. Customers would just wave their heads, say, “This won’t happen to me”. There’re a lot of other products out there that are offering Dark Web searches, but nobody has your back like ID Agent. We’ve seen the product grow. They’re very partnerfriendly and you’re missing the boat if you’re not using Dark Web today.”
– Michael Goldstein, President and CEO LAN Infotech

The major focus of LAN Infotech was to increase MRR by looking for different types of services that would help onboard more prospective clients.
LAN Infotech Donates

Solutions for LAN Infotech

  • Dark Web ID Live Search
  • Dark Web ID Monitoring
  • BullPhish ID Security Awareness Training
  • BullPhish ID Anti-Phishing


Cyber Awareness Boosts MRR

“We’ve always suffered with challenges of increasing MRR. It was all about digging out new products, trying to sell more services out to the customers. Dark Web ID really drove a major chunk of our newer business just on the awareness out in the marketplace, and I hate to say selling on fear, but it solved the problem for us. The increase of cyber awareness has driven the MRR off the charts.”