Case Study

Nashville Computer

Nashville Computer is a one stop shop for managed IT services. The company has evolved from a “break/fix” model into a security-centric MSP.

“Today we have over $5,000 of monthly recurring revenue just from this one product addition alone!” Charles Henson, Nashville Computer

Why ID Agent?

“Before Dark Web ID, I didn’t really understand or didn’t even know that this product was available. I knew the Dark Web was there. I knew the information was for sale. But who knew that you could actually run a query and see what information was there. And I knew right then. I had to have this product and protect my MSP today.”
– Charles Henson, Managing Partner Nashville Computer

Nashville Computer’s challenge was helping clients understand the real cybersecurity risk to their business, and convincing them of the crucial need for proper security solutions.
Nashville Computer Team

Solutions for Nashville Computer

  • Dark Web ID Live Search
  • Dark Web ID Monitoring
  • BullPhish ID Security Awareness Training
  • BullPhish ID Anti-Phishing


$5,000 in new MRR

“Today we have over $5,000 of monthly recurring revenue just from this one product addition alone. And it’s not just about the $5,000 plus in the MRR. It’s at like 75% to 80% gross profit margin. So when you look at that, it’s huge. And we’ve automated internally some of the work that we have to do, as far as when something comes in. If we have a client that has a hit, I have an admin that follows a SOP to notify the client. So why would you not add this to your portfolio in your security stack? You owe it to your clients to let them know when their passwords are compromised.”