Case Study

TanChes Global Management

TanChes Global Management is a full-service IT company based in Houston, Texas. For the last 21 years, TanChes Global Management has provided services within the SMB, enterprise and government, and SLED areas of service. After starting off as a full-service IT integrator, the company moved into the MSP/MSSP role for clients.

“It is a wonderful product that allows us to get in the door and chat with our clients!” Tanaz Choudhury, President

Why ID Agent?

“It is a wonderful product that allows us to get in the door and chat with our clients about the importance of password management and the security failures that can be attempted through the weakest link in their organization. The white labeling aspect and the marketing department at ID Agent have been fantastic in providing the resources that we need as a reseller to make this an effective and efficient sale to the end client. I think the most important part about ID Agent and its offering to our client is the fact that it allows us to give them monthly reports, which allows them to see where the breaches are.”
– Tanaz Choudhury, President TanChes Global Management

TanChes Global Management needed to find a way to make the threat landscape tangible for business prospects and existing clients in order to have a compelling cybersecurity value proposition for CEOs and CTOs.
TanChes Global Management

Solutions for TanChes Global Mgt

  • Dark Web ID Live Search
  • Dark Web ID Monitoring
  • BullPhish ID Security Awareness Training
  • Robust Monthly Reporting


Leaving Prospects in Awe

“We feel it’s been very, very productive for us and ID Agent has helped us achieve our goals by maintaining the security stacks that we already have within the existing clients, as well as enabling us to approach new clients through the live search feature. To run dynamics in front of clients during an opening meeting is something that still leaves them in awe. I would definitely recommend ID Agent without hesitation.”