TribeTech Streamlines Operations & Enhances Client Protection With Kaseya Solutions

Founded in 2018, TribeTech is run by a team that has been in the IT game for more than 20 years, leveraging their experience to help clients make the most of technology. The MSP specializes in serving companies with up to 200 endpoints. Their 40+ clients span many industries, including manufacturing, engineering and legal firms as well as wineries, olive plantations and gyms.

  • Company: TribeTech
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: New South Wales, Australia
  • Established: 2018
  • Interviewed: Scott Atkinson, CEO

BullPhish ID's security training constantly reminds clients and their staff about phishing and other threats they must be aware of. It's paying off because we now get requests like, “Hey, can you check this email I got? It looks a bit dodgy” instead of messages like “My computer isn't working, and I've got this bad message on my screen.”

Scotti Atkinson, CEO of TribeTech

The Challenge

In the present threat landscape, monitoring for threats 24/7 with a dedicated security operations center (SOC) is critical. Although TribeTech needed to offer clients 24/7 threat hunting and rapid response services, building an in-house SOC did not fit their strategy.

TribeTech also wanted to reduce their reliance on standalone security solutions that added unnecessary expenses or did not integrate well with the rest of their stack. Piecemeal solutions were not contributing to their larger goal of automating systems and processes.

Goals of the TribeTech and Kaseya business relationship:

  • Offer 24/7, comprehensive client protection
  • Increase operational efficiency with automation and integrations
  • Reduce overhead costs by streamlining operations

The Solution

TribeTech works closely with their Kaseya account manager to identify the best solutions for their needs and stay updated on the latest product developments.

TribeTech relies on several solutions from Kaseya’s security stack, including Kaseya Managed SOC powered by RocketCyber, Datto EDR, Dark Web ID and BullPhish ID. TribeTech also uses Datto’s networking gear, access points and switches. These solutions have helpful features that meet the MSP’s needs and work well with other products in their IT stack to provide the best client protection.

For example, TribeTech uses Windows Defender for Business because it’s available on many clients’ machines. Datto EDR integrates well with Windows Defender, automatically pulling threat telemetry and data. Likewise, RocketCyber pulls all the Microsoft 365 data from the cloud and monitors it to help nip problems in the bud.

TribeTech also sets up Dark Web ID for all clients as part of their security offering. It helps them proactively identify sensitive information on the dark web and immediately warn their clients.

They supplement these solutions with BullPhish ID, which helps TribeTech continuously train their clients on potential dangers like phishing. This solution has paid off for the MSP because clients now reach out with potential issues before clicking on suspicious links or opening malicious attachments that can cause their devices to stop working.

Finally, TribeTech leverages KaseyaOne to manage Kaseya’s solutions from a single interface. KaseyaOne helps TribeTech save time and effort since their technicians don’t have to log in to different systems to do different things anymore. TribeTech also doesn’t have to train their team on different solutions.

Other benefits of partnering with Kaseya

TribeTech utilizes Kaseya’s solutions to optimize their capabilities because they integrate seamlessly and can be managed from one place. TribeTech’s technicians can easily access all customer data, improving operational efficiency and service delivery while saving time and resources. This isn’t possible with other vendors.

TribeTech has also been able to automate and streamline workflows to unlock operational efficiencies with Kaseya’s solutions. Their technicians can now onboard clients faster and scale more profitably and efficiently without hiring additional staff.

Scott notes that Kaseya has been a responsive vendor. When TribeTech reports an issue, they usually find it fixed in a week or two.

TribeTech has also automated business processes using Autotask PSA and billing processes using ConnectBooster. They’ve leveraged these solutions to save time and increase operational efficiency.

“The KaseyaOne frontend — it's brilliant. We sign on generally once a day and can immediately access all the different systems. With other solutions, we go from one portal to another doing different things, and you have to train everybody on all those different approaches. KaseyaOne is easy. You log in, and with one click, you're in your app. It's great.”

Scott Atkinson, CEO of TribeTech

Looking forward

TribeTech has ambitious growth plans. Scott believes their decision to focus on automation and product integration is starting to pay off. With the help of Kaseya’s integrated and automated solutions, TribeTech can onboard new clients quickly without overburdening their technicians. They’ve built a solid base to continue growing.

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"We've always focused on maximizing efficiencies and automating as much as possible. With the help of Kaseya's solutions, we've managed to get a lot done to the point where we can scale now without adding as many resources. It allows us to go to market and onboard new clients faster to grow and be more profitable."

Scott Atkinson,CEO of TribeTech
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