Virtua Computers Case Study

Virtua Computers

Virtua Computers is an Apple Consultancy in New York. Traditionally an MSP, the business specializes in IT concierge services for companies who have Mac products and use Mac operating systems.

“This is a tool you have to have! It's not a huge investment...”

Justin Esgar, Virtua Computers

Why ID Agent?

“I’m sure many MSPs and IT consultants will agree with me, it’s hard to convert a client who already has a provider switch to you because you know you’re a better price, a better service. Which is why it’s very important that that provider has the right tool set. Dark Web ID gives you a leg up with lead generation. They really do have your back when it comes to positioning yourself as a security expert and being able to provide the best quality information to your clients about their product.”
– Justin Esgar, Owner and President Virtua Computers

Virtua Computers

Virtua Computers had to convince prospects with existing security providers to understand the value of better service at a better price. Organizations do not always understand how much of their compromised data is available on the Dark Web, and need to visualize it in order to fix it.

Solutions for Virtua Computers

  • Dark Web ID Live Search
  • Dark Web ID Monitoring
  • Goal Assist
  • Partner Empowerment Kit/Marketing Materials

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Expert Results in 24 Hours

“ Getting a domain into the ID Agent product is so easy. And within 24 hours you get the results. We have every domain set up to daily monitoring. So the second something gets found, we get six emails about it. Every month we got a recap email. This way, if we don’t enact on it right away, we’ll get notified again. We can export those results and show the client a PDF with their user accounts, emails, and passwords, whether or not they were hashed, and what information was leaked, like PII. You get to be the expert and provide amazing results to your clients this way. So I think overall the return is great.”

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