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This Intelligence Including Fresh Facts About Phishing Can Help You Beat Cybercrime!

phishing is the biggest threat of 2020. Phishing-related cybercrime is a menace every company is facing, and there are always ruors floating around about the threat landscape and new phsihing scams. But we’ve separated the facts from the fiction, gathering it together for you in this essential dossier.

Phishing is a Dangerous Foe to Every Business

Most of today’s most dangerous threats, including ransomware, business email compromise, data theft and more all have a common theme: Phishing. Up more than 600% in 2020, phishing is the single biggest cybersecurity pitfall for businesses right now, and it’s only growing

In this eBook, you get amazing expert insight including:

  • Definitive profiles of popular phishing attacks including detailed examples of what that threat might look like
  • A look at how the booming Dark Web impacts phishing
  • Strategies and solutions to help you fight back against phishing threats

Don’t Get Knocked Out By Phishing

Don’t wait until a phishing attack comes calling at your business. Protect your systems and data now by taking action to guard against phishing-related cybercrime. Take the time to read up on phishing now in this essential guide that makes phishing threats leap off the page and accessible to everyone.

Sit down, kick your feet up, and take a deep dive into this crucial intelligence about phsihing threats, phishing-related cybercrime, and how you can guard against attacks with affordable, reliable solutions from ID Agent.

remote work phishing threats

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