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Our New eBook has the Tips, Tricks, and Tactics You Need to See to Beat Cybercrime!

Are you ready to take your security awareness knowledge to the next level? Cybersecurity isn’t a game, but it is an adventure – and we’ve pulled together all of our expert knowledge, fresh statistics, and proven win strategies just for you. Or new eBook The Security Awareness Champion’s Guide is the perfect guidebook for you to turn to for help as you make your journey to becoming a Security Awareness Champion!

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone – Take This!

Cybersecurity is a slippery slope in today’s world, and you can’t afford to make a single misstep. That’s okay, we’ve got everything you need to know right here to enable you to powerlevel your way to success. Instead of wasting time figuring everything out yourself, get the cheat codes that help you become a Security Awareness Champion fast. We’ll show you how you can secure your clients and use your weapons most effectively to beat today’s nastiest cybersecurity monsters.

In this eBook, you get amazing expert insight including:

  • Full walkthroughs of dangerous threats like ransomware and phishing, with clear examples. 
  • A comparative look at the leaderboards for cyberattack threats in 2020 vs. 2019
  • Statistics to use in your marketing and sales efforts illustrating cybercrime danger
  • Real, useful data that shows how security awareness and phishing resistance training can save a fortune
  • Strategies to fight back against hackers and social engineering

Be Raid-Ready for Your Fight Against Cybercrime

Don’t wait until you’ve got aggro from a boss like Ransomware to learn the strats to win that fight. Companies that engage in regular security awareness training including phishing resistance experience 70% fewer cybersecurity incidents. Security awareness training is a smart investment in both the short term and the endgame – because no company can afford to wipe to one of these nasty foes.

Start your adventure today and make sure that you’re a Cybersecurity Awareness Champion that’s armed with the best offensive and defensive gear and ready for anything today’s cybersecurity landscape might spawn on you.

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