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The threat of cyberattacks has never been greater, and one layer of security is not enough. Today, nearly 80% of all data breaches are a devastating end result that could have been avoided but for lost, weak or stolen passwords. Every organization, regardless of size, must implement a secure identity & access management platform to protect their digital identity, their data, and their business continuity. Passly provides the most comprehensive and cost effective platform available.

Protect Machines

  • Control access to Windows desktop and servers
  • Easily deploy to machines through your RMM
  • Require MFA to access machines
  • Ensure that only the right groups are getting access to the servers
  • Allow techs to ”reserve” users on shared accounts to protect privileged
    accounts with MFA

Protect Applications

  • Configure SSO to your business applications
  • Support for SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect
  • Create Web workflows for sites that do not support SSO
  • Easy access to all applications from your Launch Pad

Protect Credentials

  • Protect shared credentials within Password Vaults
  • Give access to only those users who should have access to credentials
  • Log all password views
  • Securely store all types of passwords for machines, networking, applications, and websites
  • Auto-rotate passwords when viewed for Windows and Active Directory accounts

Secure login to Management Platform

Access library of 1000+ applications for SSO, or
configure your own

Intuitive password management & post-support
session password rotation

Secure credentials with Password Vaults

MFA for layered protection

Protect and enable your employees, customers, and contractors to access any application, from anywhere… SECURELY


Passly’s Secure Identity & Access Management (IAM) platform ensures the right employees have the right access to the right resources… all from the right devices and approved locations. From automated employee onboarding and provisioning to one-click offboarding, Passly simplifies the complex to meet your ever-changing demands.

Passly is the world’s first Secure IAM platform that combines multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and password management (PM) along with proprietary Dark Web monitoring to detect if user credentials have been compromised and are for sale on the Dark Web.

Universal User Directory
User self-enrollment & self-management
Sync users and groups with Active Directory
Federate users and groups with Azure AD
Shared and service account 2FA routing
Separate customers or divisions with multi-org support
Multi-factor Authentication
MFA with Passly Authenticator for iOS and Android
MFA with YubiKeys or similar hardware tokens
Device Trust
Windows Logon Agent to protect machines when users are logging in
Trust devices by users for simplified access
Identify device risk based on IP Reputation
Configurable Authentication Policies
Adaptive authentication & policy enforcement
Assign and enforce security policies globally or per application
Enforce policies based on authorized networks
Enforce policies based on user’s location
Assign and enforce security policies per user group
Secure Application Access & Single Sign-On (SSO)
Unlimited application integrations
SSO for all cloud applications supporting SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect
Web workflows for web sites that do not support Single Sign On
Secure access to internal company web applications
Secure access to specific internal servers via SSH
Secure remote access to applications hosted in AWS, Azure, and GCP
Auth API to protect your web services and APIs
OAuth 2.0 to protect system or service integrations

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