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A POWERHOUSE identity and access management solution for your customers

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Complete, automated and affordable identity and access management is here! Why buy more than one solution and juggle multiple tools when Passly packs every function you need to secure systems and data into one sleek package?

Why Passly for your MSP

Partner with Us to Secure Your Customers and Your Profits

In today’s volatile threat landscape, a single layer of defense just isn’t enough. Passly offers strong protection in the form of a multilayered guardian, securing the gateway to the heart of your client’s organization. Mitigate the risk of credential compromise and quickly improve your customers’ overall security posture with efficient, cost-effective protection from Passly.

Password Management

Provide your customers and your staff with personalized Secure Password Vaults to manage and store passwords for devices, software, cloud applications, shared and personal accounts and more.

Single Sign-On

Give everyone secure access to critical business applications and tools with a personalized one-stop Launchpad that streamlines access to everything employees need to do their jobs while mitigating password re-use and exploitation.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enjoy seamless user provisioning with intuitive Active Directory sync and flexible customization. Your clients will get a menu of authentication options, including push notifications, one-time passwords and U2F devices, that monitor and record user activity and application access.

Automate Routine Tasks

Say goodbye to your number one source of support tickets by automating password resets. Effortlessly boost security with automatically rotated Active Directory and local Windows passwords. Then set it all up by automating the rollout agents through your RMM solution.

Dark Web Exposure Alerts

Discover compromised accounts across enrolled customer domains via integration with Dark Web ID, ID Agent’s dark web monitoring service. View credential hit numbers to identify which end-user accounts pose a risk to an organization and avert threats by requiring users to change their compromised passwords.

Sales Acceleration Tools

Gain access to the Kaseya Powered Services partner enablement platform and quickly go to market with Passly. Get award-winning content like complete plug-and-play marketing campaigns and more personalized for your brand. 

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We have been using Passly as our IAM and it's a great tool for a strong security. We are automating password tasks which was previously handled by our techs manually. I like the SSO feature of Passly because it makes it easy to access all the apps. The 2FA feature provides high security for our products. 80% of our clients use Passly as their password manager, and they are really happy with the product. We are expecting all of our clients to use Passly end of this year.

Mert Kurt Cybersecurity specialist // Microtime Computers

We use Passly as a tool not just for its multi-factor authentication and single sign-on functionality but also as a way for our technicians to know every tool that’s available to them. By providing login links for sites that don’t incorporate SAML SSO directly we can make sure that technicians can quickly and easily identify what tools they have available including ones they don’t regularly use. This leads to less confusion on the team and prevents well-meaning use of tools that are outside of our regular wheelhouse which would make supporting the clients' future needs more difficult for other members of our team.

Gregory Mikesell Centralized Services Specialist // Graffen

For the customers we’ve helped implement Passly for so far, we have mostly been helping them to meet cyber insurance requirements around MFA for VPN or workstation login. I like that the toolset is multi-faceted: Password Vault + VPN & workstation MFA, and SSO/LaunchPad in one service. We have had two customers recently find out their insurance renewal required MFA and with 4-6 weeks before they risked losing the contracts altogether, we were able to get them in compliance using Passly.

Jason Stroud Deputy Director of Infrastructure Services // designDATA Systems, Inc.

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