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These 10 alarming statistics about phishing in 2020 can help you fight back against cybercriminals who are coming to loot your data.

Phishing is 2020’s biggest threat. An economic downturn, COVID-19 anxiety, and the new challenges of securing a remote workforce have opened up new waters for bad actors to trawl. As these alarming statistics about phishing in 2020 show, their haul has been plentiful.  

Insider threats include phishing. Explore cybercriminal tricks to stop phishing with our new book represented by a light blue comic panel of a phishing hook and old-fashioned comic book style in light blue on dark blue with facts about cybersecurity in 2020

Learn the Secret of How Cybercriminals Trick You Into Falling for Phishing Messages!

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10 Phishing Facts You Need To Know in 2020

Combat insider threats and more in our security awareness champion's guide represented by an image of the book cover and some potions, scrolls and treasure to elicit the book's fantasy game style as you study holiday phishing scams and cyberpunk 2077 malware

If Cybersecurity is Like a Game, Shouldn’t You Play to Win? Here’s How to Do It.


Blow Phishing Threats Out of the Water With BullPhish ID

What’s the best way to avoid catastrophe from a phishing attack? Never let it get started. By ensuring that staffers are savvy to the phishing threats that they might face, you’ll reduce your chance of experiencing a phishing-related cybersecurity disaster by up to 70%. Security awareness training is proven to be a top mitigation for phishing – as long as it’s refreshed every 4 months or less.

BullPhish ID  makes that easy, with simple remote management and more than 80 plug-and-play phishing simulation kits. Through a combination of engaging video and online testing, with 4 new kits added every month, it’s a breeze to train staffers to resist today’s nastiest cybercriminal scams like COVID-19 threats. Plus, 27 of the videos are available in 8 languages because phishing is a universal menace.

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