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10 SMB Data Breach Statistics You’ll Want to See

November 18, 2021

These 10 SMB Data Breach Statistics Show What a Dangerous World It Is for Your Data 

A data breach is a nightmare for any company, and it’s one that more businesses in more industries are having to face today. About 85% of IT professionals foresee a data breach at their organization in the next 12 months. Cybercriminals are hungry for data that they can sell in booming dark web data markets for a hefty profit, spawning an unprecedented increase in data-focused cybercrime that’s rocking organizations of every size in every sector – and it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

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10 SMB Data Breach Statistics You’ve Got to See 

  1. The number of recorded data breaches in 2021 has exceeded the total number of events 2020 by 17%, with 1,291 breaches in 2021 compared to 1,108 breaches in 2020 
  1. More than 60% of breaches result from misused, stolen or purchased credentials 
  1. An estimated 85% of data breaches involve a human element.  
  1. Phishing is the top threat action that results in a breach  
  1. The number of breaches that involve ransomware has doubled  
  1. 34% of data breaches involve internal actors 
  1. Over 80% of breaches are discovered by external parties. 
  1. An estimated 36% of organizations worldwide had a cloud data breach in the past 12 months 
  1.  74% of organizations in the United States have fallen victim to a successful phishing attack that resulted in a data breach in the last 12 months 
  1. The US is the leader in phishing-related data breaches for 2021 so far, with rates 30% higher than the global average, and 14% higher than the same period in 2020. 

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The Cost of a Data Breach is Stunning & Remote Workers Make It Worse 

In this year’s IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report, researchers determined that the average cost of a breach in 2021 is estimated at $4.2 million per incident, the highest ever recorded in the 17 years of the study.    

The cost of a data breach can change significantly depending upon the initial attack vectors including the top three most common: compromised credentials (20% of breaches), phishing (17%) and cloud misconfigurations (15%).   

The cost of a breach can be impacted by the type of data stolen or leaked, like customer personally identifiable information – the most frequently breached and the most expensive at $180 per record.   

The top country in the world for data breach costs in 2021 (so far) is the US with an average cost of $9.05 million.   

Thanks to the hot market for COVID-19 data in 2020, medical data is in second place as the most desirable data to snatch, and healthcare at $9.23 million is the industry with the most expensive data breach costs.   

Organizations that operate with 50% remote workers took an average of 316 days to identify and contain a data breach compared to the overall average of 287 days. 

Companies supporting a remote or hybrid workforce experienced an increase of up to $1 million more when a data breach occurred, with the highest rates of $4.96 million in comparison to $3.89 million. 

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A Host of Factors Are Increasing Cloud Data Breaches 

Cloud Data Brings Complications

The State of Cloud Security 2021” asked IT professionals about the circumstances that influence a company’s chance of a possible cloud data breach and these were the factors that they pointed to: 

32% say too many APIs and interfaces to govern    

31% cite lack of adequate controls and database oversight   

27% point to lack of policy awareness around data security  

23% blamed old-fashioned negligence     

21% said they are not checking Infrastructure as Code (IaC) prior to deployment   

20% admitted outright that their IT team oversight is at fault 

Booming Dark Web Data Markets Drive Data Theft

Most Prevalent Types of Data Stolen in Breaches   

Credentials: 60%  

Personally Identifying Data (PII): 40%  

Medical Data: 10%  

Bank Data: 10%  

Internal Data: 10%  

Payment Data: 10% 

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2021 

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