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Cybersecurity Marketing: 3 Wins for MSPs & Back to School

August 21, 2020
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Go to the Head of the Class With These Back to School Cybersecurity Marketing Opportunities!

How can your MSP benefit from back to school hype? Most students will be distance learning at least part of the time this fall, and that means they’ll be using technology to do it – putting kids, families, and businesses at risk for cybercrime. The state of cybersecurity education in the US is dismal – less than 40% of students receive regular cybersecurity safety training, and 20% don’t receive any at all. Here are 3 possibilities for MSP cybersecurity marketing to take advantage of the buzz your around back to school that aren’t just good for your business, they’re good for your community.  

Show the Dangers of Phishing and How to Increase Phishing Resistance to Keep Kids (and Data) Safe From Cybercrime.

Keeping kids safe online is a modern essential. As distance learning has become more common, so has cybercriminals activity targeted at schools and children. Today’s biggest cybersecurity threat is phishing, but kids may not be aware of the danger. Contact local schools in your area and offer to speak to kids and teachers about phishing and keeping your information safe.

This is also a good time to do some cybersecurity marketing with your current clients by reminding them to update their staff’s phishing resistance training. While many parents and children are still working at home, they’re sharing networks and devices that connect to your business customers’ data and systems – opening them up to unexpected phishing danger. Show them how easy and affordable it is to update phishing resistance training with BullPhish ID, and suggest that they should remind their staffers to review basic phishing safety with their kids.

In our new webinar, you’ll gain expert insight into explaining the risk and reward scenario of phishing resistance training to your clients including:

  • How the simple setup with “set it and forget it” campaign modules makes training easy 
  • Why phishing resistance training stops cyberattacks 
  • Explaining the risk of failing to update training to your clients 
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Protect Your Clients by Protecting Their Data from Remote Workforce Risks


Offer Cybersecurity Lessons Like Introducing Teens (and Business Owners) to Dark Web Threats.

The Dark Web is an exciting and mysterious place for most people – they see it as a cross between a futuristic market and a seedy bar backroom. That also makes it interesting to young people, who may not understand the risk of real danger they face there from cybercrime – or the future danger they can face from their personal information being compromised in a data breach. The recent Twitter breach was carried out by teenagers who became entangled in hacking on the Dark Web, and will now face major criminal consequences. Reach out to nearby secondary schools and offer to give a presentation on the Dark Web and cybercrime to their technology students. After all, they’re the future of cybersecurity.

Your business customers need to be paying attention to the Dark Web too. Recent upticks in Dark Web activity and an explosion in ransomware and even more data dumps means that there’s more information available to cybercriminals on the Dark Web than ever before – and 65% of it can damage businesses. Show them why Dark Web ID is a cybersecurity essential with the knowledge that you gain from this webinar ( and the free deck of Dark Web screenshots). You’ll learn:

  • What really happens in Dark Web markets
  • How easy it is to become a victim (or accomplice) of cybercrime
  • Why your clients need Dark Web monitoring to safeguard credentials, warn them to unexpected danger, and help them spot and stop insider threats.
what happens in dark web markets? find out now! back to school cybersecurity sales opportunities from dark web slides

See the Real Dark Web, and Show Your Customers Real Dark Web Danger


Improve Your Cybersecurity Marketing Fast: Host an Expert-led Webinar (on Back to School Cybersecurity, maybe?) – Because You Are An Expert!

The rise in “remote everything” has led to a new opportunity that’s too good for you to pass up: it’s never been easier to capture an audience for a webinar – or easier to host one. Show off your cybersecurity expertise, build your reputation as a thought leader, and raise the profile of your MSP by hosting your own cybersecurity webinar. Webinars are a business outreach opportunity in general – you could do a webinar about online safety and invite your local schools to participate to show your community support.

Whether you choose to focus narrowly on a single product and feature, like how much additional security a business gets immediately by adding multifactor authentication with Passly, or go for a broad overview, like explaining the risks of credential compromise in general, this is an unmatched opportunity to position your business as an industry leader. This webinar can help you become a Webinar Master quickly and easily with tips like:

  • How to generate sign ups, excitement, and engagement
  • Easy, practical steps to webinar success from experts
  • Delivering an engaging event that produces results
Webinar Marketing

Learn How to Host Your Own Webinar Led by an Expert – You