Password security statistics represented by an old fashioned lock and key

by Kevin Lancaster

These 10 Password Security Statistics Prove That Your “Password Protected” Data Isn’t Safe.

Even as cybersecurity threats have grown and evolved, many businesses haven’t evolved their strategies for keeping their systems and data safe. Companies are still relying on passwords alone to be an effective security measure – and that is a mistake that could lead to an expensive disaster like a data breach fast. Today’s password security statistics tell the real story of how dangerous that outdated thinking can be. 

Don’t rely on just a password for data loss prevention. It’s completely outdated. You wouldn’t use an old-fashioned lock to secure your office door – why are you relying on an old-fashioned lock to secure your data? See how password risk has evolved with the help of the Dark Web to learn why you need to upgrade your security from “password protected” to “secure identity and access management solution defended”.

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Passwords Aren’t Protection in 2020

As we’ve demonstrated before, passwords are not an effective security measure, and keeping data and systems safe in the modern threat landscape requires stronger protection. These 10 statistics clearly show that passwords are definitely not the last word in data loss prevention.  

Insider threats include phishing. Explore cybercriminal tricks to stop phishing with our new book represented by a light blue comic panel of a phishing hook and old-fashioned comic book style in light blue on dark blue with facts about cybersecurity in 2020

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Upgrade Data Security Without Upending the IT Budget

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In today’s increasingly volatile threat landscape, no one can afford to take chances by relying on passwords to secure their systems and data – especially for protection against threats like credential stuffing. Improve your access point security fast with modern cybersecurity essentials including:

  • Multifactor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Remote access management,
  • Secure shared password vaults
  • Seamless integration with over 1,000 applications
  • Simple deployment in days, not weeks

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