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Get Ready to REBOUND with SKOUT Exclusively Sponsored by ID Agent

September 26, 2020
skout rebound 2020 exclusively sponsored by ID Agent in white on a lime and turquoise sunburst

Exclusively Sponsored by ID Agent, REBOUND 2020 is Coming October 28, 2020. Don’t Miss This Epic Opportunity to Grow Your Business!

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone – especially in cybersecurity. Many of us started off 2020 with lofty goals and carefully thought out step-by-step plans for reaching for the stars this year, only to be brought back to earth by an unbelievable parade of events that no one could have imagined!

But that’s okay – not even the best-laid plans were destined to survive the challenges that just kept piling up in 2020. But we made it through this tumultuous year, and now it’s time to get into position to take off into a more prosperous 2021 – and SKOUT is here to give you a push at REBOUND 2020, on October 28, 2020, exclusively sponsored by ID Agent.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • Hear expert advice on how to grow your business
  • Explore ways to develop and maintain resiliency even in tough times
  • Gain insight into defining and differentiating your MSP from masters in the MSP space
  • Network with other MSPs and professionals who understand the challenges that you face
  • Learn tips and tricks from Sales and Marketing masters to boost your MRR and close more deals
  • Get simple, practical steps for turning your setbacks into moves forward
  • See what’s next in cybersecurity and the MSP space

At REBOUND 2020, you’ll get a boost of rocket fuel for your business that’s full of the guidance, support, and inspiration that you need to help you fly high in 2021 and keep building a business that’s out of this world.

Fresh Phish, how not to become part of the 2020 phishing boom in gold on a blue, watery background.

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We’re proud to be the exclusive sponsors of this event, and several of our experts will be hands-on participants, including ID Agent CEO Kevin Lancaster. They’ll be sharing their experience and insight into how COVID-19 has changed the Dark Web and the cybersecurity world, as well as giving you the latest intelligence on what our analysts see ahead in the 2021 threat landscape.

Join our folks and a cast of cybersecurity All-Stars for an amazing day of networking, learning, fun, prizes, expert tips, unbeatable small-group discussion, and positive energy at REBOUND 2020 to recharge your mind and revitalize your business!