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Is Your Staff Freelancing on the Dark Web?

May 14, 2020
numbers and colored bars evoke an information stream while a person watches from the shadows to represent malicious insiders stealing compny data to sell on the Dark Web

Make sure your staff’s side hustle doesn’t involve selling you out. 

When you hear about the Dark Web in the media, it sounds like an underground marketplace where nefarious types are buying, selling, and trading specific things, like stolen data or pirated software. But it’s also a hub for all sorts of shady moneymaking enterprises that don’t involve commodities – “as a service” offerings are a major profit center and that sector is rapidly growing

Whether it’s administrator credentials for a system, proprietary algorithms, database access, or myriad other “services”, employees of big and small firms alike are trading them for cash on the Dark Web every day. Without a strong digital risk protection platform in place, your business could be harmed by malicious insiders and you might not even know it. 

Take these steps now to protect your sensitive systems and data from malicious insiders.  

Educate yourself about insider threats. No matter how happy, loyal, and dedicated you think your employees are, sufficient temptation can quickly overcome a staffer’s scruples, especially in a challenging economy. Learn more about insider threats and how to stop them. 

Learn the truth about how the Dark Web really works. Download our new webinar “Unveiling Cybercrime Markets on the Dark Web” for an insider’s tour of Dark Web markets plus a free PowerPoint deck with real screenshots of Dark Web markets to study.

Watch for red flags inside and outside of your business. Just because you don’t hear any rumors or see anything suspicious on your end doesn’t mean that insider threats aren’t a problem. Sign up for Dark Web ID now for monitoring that runs 24/7/365 powered by both people and machines and get that alerted you when your company’s passwords, data, or other assets hit the Dark Web. 

Get expert advice on your threats and the best defenses for you. Every business is unique and has unique vulnerabilities. Let us give you a clear picture of how your systems and data are at risk and help you find the right solutions with an assessment of your business’s needs.