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Passly Packs 7 Essential Features to Secure a Remote Workforce

April 14, 2020

Cybersecurity has never been more crucial to successful operations. As more workers are required to stay at home because of COVID-19, companies that haven’t already implemented strong work-from-home policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity are scrambling to catch up in order to stay afloat. Even companies who already had extensive remote capability factored into their cybersecurity posture are finding that the unexpected threats created by today’s tumultuous environment weren’t part of their plans – and require new, modern tools to combat.

That’s why every company needs to implement a state-of-the-art security solution to control access to its systems and data right now. With millions of passwords and easy password cracking software available widely on the Dark Web, it’s time to realize that a password alone just isn’t strong enough to protect anything anymore. 

Passly is the answer. The world’s first Secure IAM platform, Passly is the cutting-edge secure identity and access management solution that’s designed for today’s mobile business climate, ensuring that staffers can log in safely and keep business flowing smoothly anytime, anywhere. 

Passly is packed with features that keep data secure including: 

  • Rapid implementation to secure your access points now 
  • Easy customization for every user’s access needs for applications, systems, and data  
  • A scalable, cost-effective solution that evolves with threats 
  • Crucial multifactor authentication with a variety of security code delivery options 
  • Simple single sign-on access for over 1000+ business applications and 3rd party tools 
  • Secure Password Vaults for centralized password storage and management
  • Credential alerts and smooth integration with Dark Web ID

Now more than ever, robust cybersecurity defenses are mission-critical. Don’t wait until after a data breach to implement security that can keep up with today’s threats. Get Passly now to make sure that only the right people are accessing the systems and data that keep businesses moving – and no one else.