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Phishing Attacks Increase as Pandemic Scams Flourish

May 29, 2020
election 2020 cybersecurity risks includingphishing attacks increase represented by a fishhook snagging a popular email icon

Phishing attacks increase around the world as scammers exploit COVID-19 uncertainty.   

Pandemic scammers are pulling out all the stops as phishing attacks increase in both frequency and creativity. In the wake of COVID-19 and the changes that it wrought including an increasing reliance on a remote workforce and virtual meetings plus cloud-based operations and storage, bad actors are scrambling to profit. 

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With an over 600% increase, phishing attacks are a plague on cybersecurity teams around the world. UN cybersecurity officials estimate that a new phishing attack happens every 39 seconds. Most people are aware of phishing and know that they should be suspicious of fake-looking email. But they’re still falling for them. What can businesses do to combat this phishing attack increase and keep their data and systems safe? 

One word: training. It’s something you hear about frequently in cybersecurity circles, and it’s always at the forefront of the conversation because it works. As cybersecurity professionals including CISA  sound the alarm about the precipitous increase in phishing, companies should immediately start refreshing their phishing training. Well-trained staffers are the first and best line of defense that an organization can deploy to stop phishing attacks. 

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We’re passionate about the training and testing tools that we’ve created for BullPhish ID. We know that frequent, up-to-date training and testing works, and we want to help companies resist phishing attacks and protect their data. We never stop innovating to make sure that every staffer is ready to face the latest threats.

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  • Over 80 phishing kits (including test email, related landing page, and reply email) 
  • 50 security video campaigns (short animated video with test and reply email)  
  • 27 training videos in 8 languages 
  • Training and testing materials available in 8 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (Iberian/European), and Spanish (Latin) 
  • 6 new kits and 4 new courses added every month including COVID-19 scam kits 

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It’s clear that we’ve created a dynamic phishing training and testing solution that’s ready to address the complexities of today’s phishing attacks – at a price that fits into any cybersecurity budget. And beefing up phishing defense training is always going to be more affordable than cleaning up the mess after a data breach or ransomware disaster

As cybercriminals have pursued exceedingly more sophisticated vectors of attack, we’ve matched them by providing increasingly more sophisticated training to empower staffers at any organization to stay vigilant against their tricks. Contact ID Agent to get started with BullPhish ID now and save headaches later.