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Protect Your Data from the Dark Side with This Multifunctional Weapon

May 10, 2021

Remember Jabba’s Palace? Anything and everything was for sale with no questions asked. The dark web works the same way. It’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy, with Imperial spies around every corner. The booming dark web data markets may be a good thing for smugglers, but they’re a very bad thing for businesses. Just in the last year, data-thieving jawas have added at least 22 million new records to the mix! Cybercriminals can quickly exchange their credits for all sorts of data about businesses like yours – including files containing thousands of compromised passwords.

That makes relying on outdated technology like password protection alone a dangerous gamble. An estimated 60% of companies that suffer a cyberattack go out of business. Are you willing to roll the dice and risk more than just your data and systems? You could lose your entire ship! But we’re here to help, and we’ll arm you with a weapon that can cut down cybercriminals before they even penetrate your shields.

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You need to deploy a secure identity and access management solution that is strong in The Force.  

Passly is the multifunctional weapon that you need to fight back against cybercriminal intrusion.

Passly strengthens your defenses by adding multiple secure identity and access management essentials, including multifactor authentication, in one scalable solution. Here’s why Passly is the perfect addition to your arsenal: 

  • Multifactor authentication is a strong shield that blocks 99% of password-related cybercrime. Whether they’re coming at your base with a credential stuffing attack or trying to slide in with stolen Imperial codes and phished passwords, this single tool is your most powerful defense against cyberattacks.
  • Automate password resets. Why waste time resetting passwords when the droids can do it? Save your ground crew some work and everyone some headaches.
  • Manage your fleet from anywhere in the galaxy. Simple remote management enables tech staffers to easily manage in office, remote and hybrid workers anytime, anywhere.
  • Protect your reactor core. Secure shared password vaults and special protections for privileged accounts keep the bad guys from getting their hands on important passwords that give them access to the heart of your ship!
  • Single sign on reduces the airlocks to guard. Give every user their own personalized launchpad that gives them access to exactly what they need to do their job – and nothing else. Not only does that reduce your team’s workload by eliminating the need to constantly add and remove users from software and applications, but it also reduces the number of entry points that cybercriminals could attack.
  • Take a look at Passly in action in this holo! SEE IT>>

Defending your systems and data from cybercriminals is an ongoing saga. But you’re not alone in the fight – we’re Dark Web Jedi. While we are confident that The Force is with you, always – and our digital risk protection platform can help. Let us show you how the combined power of  Dark Web ID, Passly and BullPhish ID give your business legendary protection against threats from the Dark Side to fight back against cybercrime. This is the Way.   

let us help secure you against passwords reuse with contact information and the ID Agent logo on grey.

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