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the week in breach in red under a stylized rendering of the UN IMO logo with 2 red nautical stars and a bag of money superimposed over it in the style of a treasure map.
October 07, 2020

The Week in Breach: Data Breach News 09/30/20 – 10/06/20

Ransomware hits the high seas at the UN, attacks on health & education proliferate + two new webinars arm you to improve your defense!

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September 30, 2020

The Week in Breach: Data Breach News 09/23/20 – 09/29/20

Microsoft makes a rare flub, a shipping company sails into trouble, business email compromise woes & details for 2 essential upcoming events.

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election2020cybersecurity represented by a woman with a smartphone using multifactor authentication to log in to a laptop
September 27, 2020

3 Crash Courses in Cybersecurity for MSPs

MSPS: Do you feel like you need a quick refresher course in some of today’s biggest threats? Here are 3 :crash courses” in cybersecurity to get you up to speed fast!

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4lessonslearnedfromcybersecurity and COVID-19 represented by a red COVID-19 molecule floating past a blue padlock on a computer screen
September 24, 2020

Cybersecurity and COVID-19: 4 Lessons Learned

COVID-19 brought unexpected security issues to the table. Take a look at these 4 lessons learned from cybersecurity and COVID-19 to be ready for the next big cybersecurity challenge.

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The ransomware attack at a German hospital represented by a black background with a red heartbeat readout and a red hospital building.
September 23, 2020

The Week in Breach: Cybersecurity and Breach News 09/16/20 – 09/22/20

Ransomware is responsible for a death in Germany, the BlackBaud fallout continues, and our new resource to school you on ransomware in 2020

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malvertising threats represented by a cartoon skull popping out of a laptop screen on an orange background.
September 21, 2020

Bad News for Businesses: Malvertising Threats Ramp Up

Malvertising threats are rising, and that spells trouble for businesses supporting a remote workforce. Here’s how to protect your business.

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breach news for this week represented by a burlar stealing a staples logo
September 16, 2020

The Week in Breach: Cybersecurity and Breach News 09/09/20 – 09/15/20

This Week in Breach: Staples leaves a door unlocked, new data on remote workforce threats, and securing data against corporate spies.

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the week in breach written in white in a black, marbled background with the W done to look like the Warner Music logo.
September 09, 2020

The Week in Breach: Cybersecurity and Breach News 09/02/20 – 09/08/20

Breach News This Week: Warner Music sings the blues after a skimming attack surfaces, go for a wild ride in a failed cybercrime attempt at Tesla and our analysis of phishing in 2020

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September 02, 2020

The Week in Breach: Cybersecurity and Breach News 08/26/20 – 09/01/20

Breach News This Week: Ransomware moves in at Brookfield Residential, Cybercriminals go back to school & mitigating danger from Dark Web data dumps.

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