A hacker in a balaclava and striped shirt reaches out of a laptop screen to steal login credentials from another laptop.

by Amy McNeal

Sell Dark Web Monitoring with Information Instead of Fear of the Unknown

If you asked most people to describe the Dark Web, you’d hear a lot about hacking and cryptocurrency and cybercrime gangs. But how many of your customers really understand what’s happening on the Dark Web, and how that can threaten their business? Educated clients buy more. Increase your MRR and boost your Dark Web monitoring business by using these resources to educate your clients (and yourself) about today’s Dark Web dangers to sell more Dark Web monitoring. 

Get an MSP Perspective from Channel Leaders

Join Suzanne Parent from Veriato and Matt Solomon from ID Agent for a deep dive into the Dark Web for MSPs. They’ll get you up to speed fast so that you’re ready to talk to clients about today’s Dark Web and how the risk landscape has changed in the wake of COVID-19.

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Delve Into the Shady Dark Web Economy

Cybercrime is the number one business of the Dark Web, and it’s fueled by information, expertise, and tools that are available in Dark Web marketplaces. Learn how these crime markets work and how threats grow from them when you step into the shadows of the Dark Web with two experts, Kyle Hanslovan, Founder & CEO Huntress, and Kevin Lancaster, CEO ID Agent & GM of Security Solutions at Kaseya.

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Take 5 Steps to Dark Web Monitoring Business Success

Dark Web ID is a must for every business, but how can you get that message through to non-tech decision-makers (and even stubborn tech decision-makers) quickly and effectively? Join ID Agent VP of Business Development Matt Solomon as he spills his best selling secrets and shows you his 5 steps to convert prospects into customers fast!

Get the Statistics You Need for a Great Pitch

While it would be great for clients to implicitly believe you about the danger that the Dark Web poses to their business, they’ll almost always want a little bit more evidence that it’s really a problem. That’s why we’ve put together two fact-packed resources to help bolster your sales pitches and marketing efforts with cold, had facts about Dark Web danger.



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