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Want to Solve Data Breach Mysteries with Experts?

August 07, 2020
healthcare cyberattacks are sometimes caused by dark web information represented by a thumbprint and computer code

Join experts to investigate, analyze, and solve data breach and other cybersecurity incident mysteries virtually at Cyber Tri Fecta “Capture the Flag ” August 11 – 13 1pm EST.

Everyone loves a mystery! We’ve all watched our fair share of Law and Order or CSI because we want to see what goes on behind the scenes of a crime. So here’s an opportunity to go behind the scenes of 3 cybercrimes with experts to learn to spot, stop, and solve data breach mysteries and other cybercrimes for your clients!

The Cyber Tri Fecta presents: Capture the Flag!

Join experts from ID Agent, Huntress, and Perch for a unique and fun event that will take you inside 3 separate cybersecurity disasters. Each day you’ll:

  • Investigate a fictitious compromise with a team
  • Infiltrate the group responsible
  • And take down the cybercrime gang!

The incidents will grow increasingly more complex as the days progress and you gain more knowledge! Sharpen your security flaw detection skills and learn how to spot and shoe up your clients’ vulnerabilities as you participate in these memorable real-world scenarios. You’ll also get to enjoy:

  • Expert analysis by masters of cybersecurity planning, including ID Agent CEO and General Manager of Security Services at Kaseya Kevin Lancaster
  • Practical tips on building a security offering, and discussion about how you can develop a digital risk protection strategy
  • A deep dive into malware samples and threat analysis

Plus fun, prizes, swag and more! You won’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity. Space is limited, so reserve your virtual seat now at this 3-day extravaganza. Grab your detective hat and join us!

data breach mysteries