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What Happens in Dark Web Markets? Find Out Now!

June 04, 2020
what happens in dark web markets? find out now!

What happens in Dark Web markets, and how does that affect your cybersecurity? Here’s how to get up to speed on what’s really going on with the Dark Web fast.

The Dark Web can be hard for people to wrap their brains around. It’s often presented in the media as some nebulous underworld, like spies trading secrets in dark alleys. While it is true that many illegal and immoral commodities are trafficked on the Dark Web, that’s not the only things happening, and what happens in Dark Web markets is more complicated than you may think.  

Dark Web markets aren’t just populated by “lone wolf” hackers in hoodies

The mysterious hacker in their mom’s basement is only a TV character. Real Dark Web markets are often highly organized and populated by groups who make cybercrime their business. They sell goods and services, and they function just like any other economy. An estimated $1.5 trillion in annual revenue was generated by cybercrime in 2019, and Dark Web use has increased by over 600% in the last three years.

It pays to keep watch over this growing source of threats.

Even if a company hasn’t had a data breach and isn’t experiencing security issues right now, that company is still in danger from bad actors who traffic in information on the Dark Web. Human error is the top cause of a data breach, and insider threats are a problem at every company. Even well-intentioned staffers could be creating an insider threat by unknowingly reusing passwords that were compromised in a third-party breach. Malicious staffers could also be selling company information themselves on the Dark Web.  

Hackers attack every 39 seconds.

Unless a company has expertise in monitoring the Dark Web, it’s unlikely that they’ll learn that they have a problem until it’s a tragedy. That’s one of the reasons why Dark Web ID is a crucial component of any cybersecurity stack. With Dark Web ID, we can get a clear picture of a company’s potential risks and keep watch over them to alert companies to cyberattacks and vulnerabilities before they create cybersecurity disasters. 

It can be hard to understand the ins and outs of the Dark Web without extensive experience and study. 

Recently, I hosted a webinar with Kyle Hanslovan, Founder and CEO of Huntress. It’s a great look at what really happens on the Dark Web and how the Dark Web economy can affect every business. 

Download “Unveiling Cybercrime in Dark Web Markets” now.   

We’ve also included a slide deck of genuine Dark Web screenshots with the webinar to illustrate exactly what happens in Dark Web markets. Don’t hesitate to contact my team t learn more about how the Dark Web is impacting your business.

Contact ID Agent today for an expert assessment of your security gaps and how our solutions can fill them for a comprehensive digital risk protection platform.