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Smart Cybercriminals Sell Research Data on the Dark Web

May 19, 2020
Cybercriminals sell research data on the dark web is represented by a man in a cartoon burlar outfir running away from another man with a stolen folder

Your trade secrets are worth a fortune to the elite cybercriminals who sell research data on the Dark Web.

Did you know that there’s a thriving market for stolen proprietary information on the Dark Web? Medical research, experimental results, formulations, designs, and blueprints are hot sellers – and solutions like Dark Web ID help you guard against the growing number of cybercriminals who sell research data on the Dark Web.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this aspect of the Dark Web even further into prominence as cybercriminals try to get valuable information about the virus and potential treatments from research labs, drug makers, and hospitals. Those cybercriminals can be coming from unexpected directions and may be working for all manner of clients, from business rivals to government intelligence services.

It pays to protect and secure proprietary information and trade secrets from these bad actors. 

Make sure that you have a comprehensive digital risk protection platform and follow these tips keep your sensitive information safe from Dark Web spies.

  • Listen in on their conversations to see if you’re being discussed. Don’t hesitate to engage in a little “espionage” of your own. Get a Dark Web monitoring solution like Dark Web ID to keep an eye out for information relating to your business and your data 24/7/365.  Watch a demo of it. 
  • Everyone who has access to your sensitive data needs updated phishing training. Cut down on the risk of someone handing over the keys to the kingdom by reinforcing phishing defense training with BullPhish ID. We’re constantly updating it with new training kits and videos for the latest scams, including COVID-19 fraud training – and it’s available in 8 languages. 
  • Stay informed about current and upcoming threats. Get our analysis of the 2020 Dark Web in the wake of COVID-19 and learn more about threats like malicious insiders to reduce your risk. Subscribe to The Week in Breach and continue reading this blog for the latest news and analysis of today’s cybersecurity landscape. 

Take the mystery out of Dark Web markets. Get a peek behind the curtain when you download our free webinar with two insiders who can show you what the Dark Web is really like including a PowerPoint deck with Dark Web screenshots! 

If you handle any proprietary or sensitive information, you can’t wait to put protection in place. Don’t risk a breach – contact ID Agent for an assessment of how we can mitigate your threats and give you more control over your data security.