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What is the State of the Dark Web After COVID-19?

July 02, 2020
the state of the dark web after covid-19 represented by an iceberg that is small on top and big on the bottom

Take a Look at the State of the Dark Web After COVID-19 Before Making a New Security Plan

The global pandemic has caused rapid change for everyone, impacting every company’s 2020 plans. Pre-pandemic cybersecurity plans will also need to be revised because the state of the Dark Web after COVID-19 is definitely different than it was in January 2020, and IT professionals will need new resources to adjust their plans accordingly.

Even cybercriminals have to work harder in a challenging economy

Data, passwords, and “as a service” offerings are going to continue to be hot commodities. Phishing has surged and the ransomware menace shows no sign of fading away. “State of the Dark Web 2020” gives cybersecurity professionals a snapshot of how the Dark Web economy has evolved, what’s hot in the markets, and how these changes affect the threat landscape in the wake of COVID-19. 

We’ve previously shared our in-depth exploration of Dark Web marketplaces including slides of actual Dark Web screenshots. This new eBook is a great companion to the webinar, with fresh insight and pertinent facts that offer an overview of what cybersecurity professionals should be expecting to emerge from the post-pandemic Dark Web. 


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